where was gin invented holland

By 1750 over 11 million gallons were being consumed by Londoners annually. The gin and tonic.

So how did gin make its debut in America? we can all agree: the timeless gin and tonic really does cure all ills. The invention of Gin. The Classic Gin Martini became all the rage in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In the late 1850s, when India had become a colony of the British, there was a sudden influx of a large number of Brits who migrated here to serve the Crown, often with their families. Here’s how to make the gin drink that will leave guests wanting more. It became so popular that British Troops started referring to it as “Dutch Courage” while fighting the 20 years war. You can find out more-, Beware! If you've only recently been introduced to gin, it's probably because there's been a huge spike in gin sales (a whopping 267 percent) as the craft distilling movement has been playing with new and unique liquor options. That is where gin entered the picture. These days tonic water is much tastier, with smaller doses of quinine and more sweetening agents, but the gin and tonic is no less popular. It then became an object of commerce in the spirits industry.Gin emerged in England after the introduction of the jenever, a Dutch and Belgian liquor that was originally a medicine.

Some time between 1826 and 1831, the gin distillers invented the column still.

And as a bonus, the inclusion of limes prevented scurvy. Its inventor is widely thought to be a Dutch physician who went by the name of Franciscus Sylvius, who used it for medicinal purposes back in 1550. However, the origin story of the drink is far from simple and is in fact, deeply related to the medicinal advancements of the age and also of the expansion of the British empire into the Indian subcontinent and around. The less vermouth poured into the shaker, the drier the martini. Sign up now for 10% off* your first online order. Just mix everything together and voila! But how did tonic water started being added to the mist widely preferred alcoholic drink of the English- the gin? Gin was once called “Genever” and originated way back in the 17th century. 8 parts to one is very dry and 12 parts to one is considered downright arid. One way to impress the guests is to keep martini glasses chilled. In 1857 the British Crown took over the governance of India, and more Brits began to make their way to the Indian subcontinent and other warm-weather climes. By manufacturing tonic water and supplying it to their colonies prone to malarial fever and other ailments, they could ensure their administration of the colonies stayed intact.

Both are juniper flavoured distillates of alcohol and they share a common ancestry and a common birthplace – the Low Countries – Holland and Belgium on today’s maps but one country until the 1880s. Even Low Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy Bad for Child's Brain: Study, The gin and tonic was a drink that was invented as a ploy to get British soldiers and officials of the East India Company residing in the subcontinent, to take their quinine, that would help them fight malaria that was considered a deadly disease back then. All that goes into making a satisfying glass of the gin and tonic includes a glass, some gin, some tonic water, a lime wedge and a stirrer. The gin and tonic might be the simplest cocktail to prepare, but it has a whole lot of history behind its invention. It came with the settlers coming to the new world of course. Essentially a mix of grain alcohol and juniper berry oil a Dutch medical professor used it to treat kidney disorders and infections.

The drink was discovered by English soldiers while fighting in Holland in the 1580s during the Dutch War of Independence. This fusion took place in India during the time of the British dominance in the subcontinent. What serendipitous cure was able to ward off both of those illnesses? It gradually made its way to the UK, where, due in part to its low cost, it became the drink of choice. Even Low Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy Bad for Child's Brain: Study, Long Island Iced Tea: The fascinating story behind the invention of this sneaky cocktail, Gene Behind Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis In Drinkers Identified, 10 DIY cocktails for a boozy romantic Valentine’s date night, Chandigarh Tattoo Artist Arrested For Keeping a Monkey in Captivity, Accused of Force-Feeding It Alcohol, How to make mulled wine, spiked monk’s coffee & Blue Blazer cocktails at home. Published Date: March 17, 2017 7:34 PM IST. The only thing that links both is the English people. Though we may quibble over the finer details (how much ice to use, lemon versus lime versus cucumber, proper ratios), we can all agree: the timeless gin and tonic really does cure all ills. The Classic Gin Martini. Like our Facebook page to read more such articles. Gin was claimed by many to have been invented in the 16th century in Leiden, Holland by Dr. Sylvius de Bouve, and was originally prescribed as medical treatment, thought to aid circulation.

Quinine was being used in treating shivers during the common cold. Simply pop them in the freezer 20 minutes before serving cocktails and they’ll form a nice frosty finish.

So there you have it! Your email address will not be published. But how did it get invented? One of the key ingredients of the tonic water is quinine that is an anti-malarial alkaloid extracted from the bark of the cinchona tree. Brits soon found that the addition of gin, sugar, ice, and citrus was the perfect way to temper the bitterness and make the cure palatable. - Who Invented First, How the Kellogg Brothers Invented Breakfast Cereal. We would love to hear from you!A. However, a lot of them were reluctant to take the quinine necessary to fight the disease, because of its incredibly bitter taste. Once they returned home the troops sought to buy it from their local chemists. Pour through a straining lid into an awaiting glass.

So what is now a recreational drink for us, was in fact the very invention that the British Raj, (or at least the men of the Raj) thrived on. But that is just one school of thought. In 1743, riots had erupted in response to the hike in cost of gin. Think about that the next time you sit down to enjoy a glass of the stiff drink. Eventually, a series of laws curbed the spirit’s ubiquity, and by the mid-19th century gin came to be considered a gentleman’s drink.

It’s believed that Bouve discovered a highly-alcoholic medicinal concoction called jenever that could improve circulation and cure other ailments as well. Just four ingredients (Sipsmith gin, tonic, ice and garnish) make for sipping perfection. By the 1930’s (around prohibition) martinis fueled cocktail hour which was a new social event post tea time but before dinner. Gin was invented in Holland. Shutterstock. Gin was once called “Genever” and originated way back in the 17th century. Known among the indigenous population as the “fever tree” because its bark was able to stop chills, cinchona bark was first brought to Europe in the 1640s when it was shown to cure and prevent malaria. This device made distilling gin easier, cheaper, and cleaner than ever before. Whatever the case, the English masses took to the drink extremely well. Dutch Jenever is the first cousin of English gin. If you're a big gin drinker you'll probably sit up when you hear that it was originally popularised due to its diuretic qualities. - Who Invented First, Food Inventions and Who Did Them? Genever or Holland gin – mostly made in Holland it has a yellow tint and is often sweeter than other gins. How dry a gin martini is all about the amount of vermouth mixed into the drink. It started to be produced within the country at an extremely low cost and gin consumption boomed in the first half of the eighteenth century.

It’s possible that Bouve’s invention had found favour with the English soldiers in Holland, who them took credit of its origin and brought it to England as well. Also, share your comments below. Feature images © nito, AJP, 2013. Genever is the Dutch word for juniper, which is where gin gets its name. Follows the story of gin as a timeline (over eight parts). ALSO READ: Long Island Iced Tea: The fascinating story behind the invention of this sneaky cocktail Also Read - Gene Behind Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis In Drinkers Identified, Gin is derived from the Flemish word genever. It is mostly made with barley wine and flavours are herby rather than fruity; Old Tom – this is a sweeter version of London dry gin that uses simple syrup (sugar syrup) and has citrus flavours. Back in the day, tonic water was infused heavily with quinine, an extract from the South American cinchona tree. By 1750 over 11 million gallons were being consumed by Londoners annually. It sounds extreme now, but a lot of English soldiers, in fact chose to die of malaria than take the quinine. The History of the Cocktail that Took Pop Culture by Storm. In no time flat, gin was used to treat sour stomach, stomach aches gout and even gallstones.

Gin originated as a medicinal liquor made by monks and alchemists across Europe, particularly in Southern France, Flanders and the Netherlands, to provide aqua vita from distillates of grapes and grains.

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