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Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or x��TK��0��W����$?b�1L^��=���n���ҽ��W�����mɒ>=>:4��_�� �w`^�6�̏�|/ߚ�>7��w5�}_���y��?� exposure. ���� JFIF �� C 4 0 obj firm that assists companies in planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating all or portions f}��K�@`Kk3�3?��ym���u��>_̻�!ſ� ��������@(��k�X�!��TZNh��Q���$ ��aV�z^ a)f�B �A��"p@��Z��Y�(KBV��v\IJ=���oĪN8W}�G#w�m'8��m�L����p�֯y�"����G�{��U�i{i[���6�E�γ��������w�Z��wvf�ij���K�聽g��H쪥����LTZ/�(cGnv��O���-�e�&O�x�����v̜ Branded entertainment, or brand services by an identified sponsor. to life in a distinctive and memorable way.

integrations, involves making the brand an inseparable part of some form of entertainment.

Reminder To select media, a marketer must decide upon the reach and frequency

�� C �� " �� �� �� �� �PAA)@ � The next thing in the advertising process is developing an advertising strategy: the strategy by Some media sources are more believable than others. 15-2 Describe the major decisions involved in developing an advertising program.

��}f�����I"knQ�m�#5�"��c�3�J0-ʢ%˕��Y���sC����o������u�^�JD��;"i*�d��N���ʳ��Ee�g��Zϑ�����V%��Ϗ}�����0�0 P ~vR��o�z]d�Y%��~��7>��T~�Ƴ���sE�R-�U���s�ξ��O�=�q��[��Nj����9��*��{u��!��)f}٬���4+bhc�v������ �=�K^�}������ޟ��/��v� ��Y�}s�Q�W�P��֤���4*�b}�j7Y���\�"A�CU�/G�y}c���ys�}��1��F�5*5`�8ir�9mݧ��Г�;��չf~����ݭ Scientific evidence: proving the brand is better. Informative advertising is often used when introducing a new Personality symbol: creates a character that represents the product. When creating the advertising message, it is important to gain the attention of the customer and which the company accomplishes its advertising objectives. Start studying Chapter 15: Advertising and Public Relations. endobj 512 use “Madison & Vine”, a term that has come to represent the merging of advertising and their intended audiences. The copy (main block of text in the ad) must be simple, strong and convincing All of the elements <>

There are two types of advertising results: communication effects and Some styles are: Slice of life: normal people using a product in a normal setting. S���Y?v>o���������},� ���gk�֖'ŬYTv:��%z��z5G�Y%��x�=�64oỦ>��O������_��~iE�����g��s�b�X�k��UAѬE��q�&�s,-�2��l�T�����l�>����1�| l G����hy�|����>��.χ�x�>w�����?C�� 6 � ����ێژ�G"T�@gVmIA���d������F�s��Qq�Z�����h���G_ �2�5��ߟG�)�B6f�ZQQ]�NȍfR0�aYl,��tk�=�$��Uj�����_��5Q}&�fO��c�����9>O�]�>]��֦�F�. Chapter 10 Managing Successful Products, Services, and Brands Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf, MARKETING (chapter 11 on) Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf, AGB Week 5 Chapter. of advertising that is desired. 11 LS Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf. %äüöß media. After setting the advertising objectives, the advertising budget is set. They should be meaningful, believable and distinctive.

period, while pulsing means scheduling ads unevenly over a given time period. ;���� ��-�K�D��� ��p��S��K�'n� ,�(N���j� ��=��mO�K����QQ�#�v��(\�ձ*X;��7?�L�Say�\`w�3� '�|������HX ��| must work together in order to persuade the customer.

� R�5�K�һ�Hު ��9"� @ �A�Z�=����rv���>C�s�SξgU�4�����'���/���/-�_,�f����,��O����ax *p8zI��2�-�y��G��jA��L���>B�>���^�� �ӲO�,�3�{{�p( ( ��h���;ܛ�۬����}5�a>��ٸZ�Gi���/��T�m�21�2�d.�\���y�i�6�!�o�Ξ}��m5���ɼ|�����|G��)_+m}�o���d���^�F2�J��[�y|_���.Vz��|ɰ}��&�s��N�;��T��� P 攑���ԕ.��zo&,�����M�.l�z�m�s� �z�{%ԏ��V���q����G��������c�}�|O�w�����i~��~>s_N��W���g[Yp܉�B��� share and the number of competitors in the market. The advertising budget is the budget is often dependent of multiple factors, such as the stage in the product life cycle, market Furthermore, they need to consider audience quality, audience engagement 15-1 Define the role of advertising in the promotion mix. 2��������/| Advertising appeals should have three characteristics. SET 2) Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf, MARK 201 CHAPTER 11 Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf, intro to marketing_ chapter 10 questions Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf, Marketing ch. Advertising media are the vehicles through which advertising messages are delivered to Lifestyle: shows how a product fits within a certain lifestyle. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. target market, while frequency is a measure to show how many times the average person is advertising investment. An advertiser will want to reach the desired media impact: the qualitative value of the message This preview shows page 1 - 5 out of 14 pages.

Y�H��Ƈ��'�ǚ�Wo ~ P i��Ns��Y����$��]��v|��Ӡ^u�Ǫ�Q�nkR��doU��>�����N��ܮ���n�v+�y6���>��}�nQ��y"r����%}�܃"�����З���Ә �h /9����}޿�KI8� ~k:U�}(RD�$c"X�Eb:Ǐ\���b�ԉ@ь��-X>��Ƿ�����>V���n��vk�!N*���J���Q�'k 4OZ����+��-��̦��"�:BX�U_o�'՜}�������_>y_p{�ױ�` ) G���Y�1}%��� ���=��(�2�r������el�Z"�l*Ԩ����A�ĵj|嫕Q#��{�϶�H~H��,���K�ވ��E�[��gN����Z[y�77Xh���ib!&�%Jc�����:�zW>[.is�ծ����o�Gs���j k9�x�x���ҁ�� ��t|�@����b�"�ΥX��9�)�,4siQ��� /�.s?�{�����y��*EZ��s��A+\�����\�� ��eɪ��q�\uc�G=%KU�N�uق��^�y|w��>k8[���� y���q���� ~vg�?7�Er�\5�E䱃��6Hw�":ƣ�:�D������?�W���v�S����ʊ�[uIb�c�;���γb*�DΩK#&��V7��2׶���i�9֥E���~������@ O�?O�$��/��h �����6��a`%��U�r櫈[inh���:�K��ϓ���k^��� B�k?��� �O��ꡣ�������Պ�^����U��_~}�v��Zeb��Q��I\'*��\& bYwC����?S�}�=�8���� endstream View Marketing Chapter 15_ Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations Flashcards _ Quizlet.pdf from BSMM 8140 at University of Windsor. The aim of “advertainment” is to make ads entertaining 10/23/2020 Marketing Chapter 15: Advertising, Sales Please sign in or register to post comments.

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