curculionidae life cycle

ex Schult. Giblin-Davis RM, Oehschlager AC, Perez A, Gries G, Gries R, Weissling TJ, Chinchilla CM, Peña JE, Hallett RH, Pierce, Jr HD 1996.

(1995) reported up to 61% reduction of BWB adults using baits with B. bassiana (4.5 × 108 conidia/mL) applied as a rice paste with mineral oil. But when put together, they are synergistic, attracting many adult palmetto weevils. A generic treatment for weevils is complicated by the recent merger of bark beetles, previously a distinct family Scolytidae, as a subfamily Scolytinae within the. Eggs hatch in about three days and begin to feed on palm tissue.

Harding, S., Annila, E., Ehnström, B., Halldorsson, G. Kvamme, T. 1998. Adults are attracted to and lay eggs in palm sheaths, petioles, or stems. Ambayeba Muimba-Kankolongo, in Food Crop Production by Smallholder Farmers in Southern Africa, 2018. Not affiliated Figure 3. Figure 10. S. zeamais has seven life stages comprising egg (), four larval instars (), prepupa/pupa (), and adult (). Therefore, sanitation, as in removing and destroying infested plant material is crucial in preventing or reducing subsequent infestations to adjacent palms. Figure 4. Adult rough sweetpotato weevil (left) and damaged tuberous roots as a result of weevil feeding (right). Heavy infestations can result in crop failure in newly established stands and reduced yield and shortened life span of plants in established stands (Gold et al., 2001, 2002). Figueroa (1990) evaluated three EPNs against BWB in greenhouse tests in Puerto Rico. 1995. Biocoenosis of Pissodes notatus F., a pest of cluster pine in the Bouconne Forest (Haute-Garonne: France). Reproduction is polygamous type. Radiation Doses Reported to Sterilize Adult Curculionid Weevils. Photograph by Robin M. Giblin-Davis, University of Florida.

The aggregation pheromones of several weevil species consist of multiple behaviourally active components. In Brazil, Batista Filho et al. They feed on foliage with the larvae causing greater damage. A catalog of the Coleoptera of America north of Mexico. The eggs are light yellow and laid deep in the soil.

A generic treatment for weevils is complicated by the recent merger of bark beetles, previously a distinct family Scolytidae, as a subfamily Scolytinae within the Curculionidae. After emergence, the adults fly to suitable trees and undergo maturation feeding for 4–6 days. & Solbreck, B. Evidence of pheromone-mediated behaviour in the large pine weevil. O’Brien, L.B. These animals can eat all ripe banana fruits in a field within a short time mainly because of their moving large numbers. There can be geographical variations in the production and behavioural significance of aggregation pheromone components (Giblin-Davis et al., 2000).

To determine the fecundity and longevity, five pairs () of S. zeamais were introduced into 20 g grains each of maize, rice, sorghum, and millet and replicated 3 times (). Le dépérissement du pin mésogéen en Provence. A t-test was used to estimate conformity of growth rate of S. zeamais’ larval instar to Dyar’s rule. Feeding of the burrowing nematode (Radopholus similis) causes extensive damage to the banana root system and the rhizome. 1968. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Gold et al.

Aggregation pheromone of palmetto weevil, Weissling TJ, Giblin-Davis RM, Scheffrahn RH. Eggs hatch into a creamy white apodous larva with a sclerotized light brown head. Photograph by Robin M. Giblin-Davis, University of Florida. Host specificity tests of. (1994). 1987.

Young plants may be killed by extensive tunneling and mature plants are often weakened and topple with a subsequent reduction in yield. P.G. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research,12, 225-40. 1954. Application of maize formulation at 2 × 1015 conidia/ha proved most effective, reducing the weevil populations by 63–72% within 8 weeks after a single application (Nankinga and Moore, 2000). Damaged fruits become contaminated by insect parts, frass, and rotten tissues, and eventually fall off from the plant, but larger fruits do not often drop when infested. The necrosis often interferes with the pathways for water and nutrient exchange within the plant.

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