dead rising 2 combo weapons

Below is an alphabetical list of Combo Weapons that can be created by Chuck Greene in Maintenance Rooms across Fortune City by combining two items or weapons in the game Dead Rising 2. If a weapon or item used in a combo weapon is blinking red and about to break, when Chuck creates the combo weapon the Combo weapon is fully functional and repaired. involves Chuck sticking the I.E.D. A zombie will pick it up, and eat it. It is a leaf blower that shoots spears. When they approach, the machetes on the heliblade's propellers decapitate them. Cuts zombies down when used in a horizontal sweeping motion. Hall, Kevin. The Infernal Arms also causes continuous damage to enemies after the initial hit, making this weapon very useful against multiple foes. Combo bikes are vehicles that are made by combining a dirtbike with another weapon. The scratch card will record how the weapon is made, but the special attacks and extra prestige points are not available. There are no combo weapons that are unique to Case Zero. It's a devastating weapon as the gems continue killing even after piercing several zombies. Using it on nearby zombies will disorient them, grabbing their ears in pain, while prolonged exposure will cause their heads to explode. Criticism An easy way to see if Chuck has the items to make a combo weapon, is to scroll through his inventory and look for blinking items. It is used to freeze and then shatter zombies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

    • Introduction, Bugs     • Missions Including all times When charged up, Chuck can stab a zombie with it and pick it up, using its flailing body as a weapon. Can be stuck into a zombie and then fired. The Power Guitar's attack is a single riff which will burst the heads of any zombies within grabbing range. It is a whiskey bottle with a burning newspaper sticking out of it. Although, this only happens when you already have the, Only two items are required to make a combo weapon, but sometimes the end result looks as it was made of more. After putting it on a zombie's head, the mask will shoot lightning at any zombie nearby until the mask's wearer is dead. They can only be created in Maintenance Rooms. This weapon can shoot, uninterrupted and continuously, for over a full minute. Case Zero includes the Air Horn, Beer Hat, Boomstick, Drill Bucket, Electric Rake, I.E.D., Molotov, Paddlesaw, and Spiked Bat. Shoots a large shock wave that can take out a massive amount of zombies in one shot. Food In Dead Rising 2: Case West and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Frank West returns to the action and he also gains the ability to make combo weapons.  •  Survivors Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. Unlike weapons like a chainsaw, it does not need to be started before using it. Like the chainsaw, Chuck can injure zombies just by bumping into them with the Ripper's motor running. Chuck can push it onto a zombie's head and the whirling blade will completely engulf the rest of the body. When it detonates around a crowd of zombies, it will freeze them for a short time. canister onto a zombie's back. Zombrex (ALL locations). Due to how easy it is to obtain and how durable it is, the Spiked Bat is one of the most effective weapons in. When activated, it hovers at head level and emits a high-pitched noise that attracts nearby zombies. Some combo weapons can also be purchased from pawnshops and from other survivors. Clothing, 72 Hour Mode When a zombie is pushed onto this "chair of doom", they are quickly shredded to bits. Combo weapons can also be created by trial and error. Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. with any weapon to make it explode. Its heavy form of attack is using the vacuum cleaner's suction to grip a zombie and tear it in half. Maintenance Rooms With its cement blade replaced by several serrated saw blades, this makes the weapon more like an easier-to-move chainsaw. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If the button is immediately pressed and held a second time, Chuck will begin spinning with it, similar to attacking with a Battleaxe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Case Zero includes the Air Horn, Beer Hat, Boomstick, Drill Bucket, Electric Rake, I.E.D., Molotov, Paddlesaw, and Spiked Bat. If a zombie is hit from behind with the Electric Chair, they will fall into the chair and continue to spasm from electrocution. When a combo weapon is created without the combo card being unlocked, a scratch card is obtained instead. Chuck can only receive a maximum of 500 PP as this is Frank's combo card. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero: Levelling Guide, From a safe enough distance, Chuck can shoot the I.E.D.

When Chuck has an item in his inventory which can create a combo weapon and he either: Blue wrench items blink when Chuck has both items for a combo weapon. Has three head-swing attacks. There are no combo weapons that are unique to Case Zero. For each weapon see Dead Rising 2 Weapons.. Combo weapons are Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero weapons that are created by combining two items with copious amounts of duct tape. If charged, Chuck will drill the spear through the face or chest of the zombie with an uppercut stab. It attacks by shooting jets of flame. Combo bikes do not require combo cards to earn full PP.  •  Psychopaths Its speed and durability are low, however, making the weapon less than effective when dealing with large quantities of standard zombies. Extremely fragile. Below is an alphabetical list of Combo Weapons that can be created by Chuck Greene in Maintenance Rooms across Fortune City by combining two items or weapons in the game Dead Rising 2.

stands next to an item which creates a combo weapon, the first item is on the maintenance bench, and the second item is in its original location in the maintenance room.

It has only one attack, similar to an improvised shotgun. When used against large clusters of zombies, the electricity will chain to attack other zombies nearby. Vehicles   •  Blender recipes It can be thrown like a grenade, causing a fiery explosion when it hits the ground. When thrown, it will zap any zombies that it rolls by. They can only be created in Maintenance Rooms.Combo weapons can also be purchased from pawnshops such as Still Creek Pawnshop, Just in Time Payday Loans, or Moe's Maginations. When thrown, the dart flies straight up into the air, sticks onto a nearby zombie's head, and explodes, killing any zombies nearby. Dead Rising Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. When Chuck sets Freedom Bear down on the ground, this former toy comes to life, shooting at any and all zombies around him.  •  Magazines Chuck can discover how to make combo weapons either by obtaining Combo Cards or through trial and error (in which case he gets a Scratch Card). The most powerful gun in the game. Chuck can roll the wheelchair around and electrocute zombies. It explodes upon making contact with the ground or a zombie. Capcom Database is a FANDOM Games Community. When charged up, like the Auger, Chuck can stab a zombie with it and pick it up, using its flailing body as a weapon. Once an arrow is fired into a crowd, it will cause an explosion. Prestige Points It is a double-ended kayak paddle with a chainsaw duct-taped to each end. Plus 200 per shot that kills standing zombies. A swiftly opening umbrella capable of tearing zombies apart from the inside! This will record how the weapon is made; however, a combo weapon created without a combo card cannot perform its heavy attack and earns fewer PP from killing zombies. Its form of attack is to push the nails in the shield towards the enemies, causing dismemberment to zombies.

Chuck will stab a zombie, instantly killing it with an undercut stab. When a combo weapon is created without first identifying a combo card, a scratch card is obtained instead. When used on a zombie, the initial hit from the Infernal Arms will set it on fire.

Overview These cards can be obtained as rewards for leveling up, by rescuing survivors, defeating psychopaths, examining various posters around Fortune City, and by performing certain special actions. If placed on a zombie's head, it is instantly activated and drills through the zombie's skull and brain. The Laser Sword is a very powerful weapon, being able to cut multiple zombies in half at once. Weapons Vomit When placed on a zombie's head, a colorful light show will keep the other zombies distracted. It can continue to drive after depleting its ammunition. Its main drawback is its limited use.  •  Stores They work just like regular MMA Gloves, but the addition of nails make them something slightly more awesome.     • PP Bonuses Zombie animals Best used in congested areas. It can also be used to impale a zombie and fire it away. Bludgeons zombies with a regular attack. Frank can only receive a maximum of 50 PP as this is Chuck's combo card. Here is a list of every combo weapon. A medium-range melee weapon that works a lot like a poleaxe, letting Chuck slice zombies with the machete taped to the end of the broom. The explosion will kill any surrounding zombies. Combo Cards are most commonly acquired by leveling up, they identify how to make the weapon, unlock special more damaging attacks, and give Chuck more prestige points when killing zombies. Like its name suggests, its form of attack is launching plates at high speeds; the effect is rather like a high-velocity version of the saw blade's attack -- plates can cut through multiple zombies and kill Gas Zombies in one shot. It is helpful against psychopaths, mercenaries and other powerful enemies, which are found less frequently, and subsequently require stronger weapons to be dispatched effectively. While it will not die immediately, it will eventually burn to death and grant the player a large amount of prestige points.

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