emma maersk engine specs

We just do not have materials strong and cost effective enough to make a light weight engine that big.

For far too many reasons, the 109,000-horsepower Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C outranks the engines used in Titanic.

I am sure there are many other considerations to contend with with something over 100K horsepower. In order to keep up with the mammoth demand for Snuggies, Shake Weights and other trappings of modern society, the Emma Mærsk makes the trip in four fewer days than the average container ship on a China-to-California run. The Wärtsilä RT-flex96C will provide all that power and more. Yes a gas turbine would be more powerful per pound but can you imagine the heat and noise you would have to deal with? And you need a massive wall of steel to keep the crankcase and block from cracking due to mechanical forces–and fatigue. Yes, isn’t it awe inspiring and amazing? Traditionally, the machinery space and accommodation block was located at the stern because it maximizes available deck space and, as you pointed out, it put the engine closer to the propeller.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To the point it’s weight will out-way its power. Worldwide. Amazing to see such a big engine made by mechanical engineers.

Emma Maersk container ship is an approximately $170 million investment by Maersk Group, a Danish business conglomerate. The huge machine is capable of powering any size of ships and its 14 built-in cylinders cater for huge amount of power demands.

Steering engine of Titanic’s sister ship RMS Olympic, circa 1910. My guess is that at 109000 HP, there might be reliability or MTBF issues with the gas turbine. I never can get enough of this website. Since you know so freaking much apply for a job there and change the world of shipping ! And when we say huge, we are talking about ships weighing 180,000 tons each and 1300 feet or more in length. With 25 engines already in service and another 86 on order, these engines will drive globalization—right into your local Wal-Mart. Also the Wärtsilä states service speed of 25 knots, which is still very fast for a cargo ship.

The Wärtsilä RT-flex96C diesel engine produces 109,000 horsepower of energy that runs such ships.

The vessel itself weighed an astonishing 66,000 tons and its length would match as many as four regular city blocks.

To provide such huge engine power, the engine has to be robust. Her turbine engine would set in motion the propeller found in the ship’s center and it would run at 165 rpm, generating 16,000 horsepower. , 2 stroke diesel engines use superchargers to push air into the engine, otherwise it will crank but not fire. From the bridge to the keel, her height would equal the height of a 10-story building. Well that explains it. Reaching a new milestone in technology has always been one of the ways to define the progress of human civilization. As Titanic-Whitestarships.com writes “she was fitted with a Parson’s low pressure turbine engine as well as tipple expansion reciprocating steam engines.”. Note the man at the bottom of the photo. For a long time now, shipping has proved to be the most efficient form of trade. The 14-cylinder, 2-stroke TRA96 aboard the Emma Mærsk weighs over 2300 tons and operates at a relatively pokey 102 rpm. Which brings us to Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C, a beast of an engine that was created in Finland and which can achieve 109,000 horsepower. Also, this is for a ship not an aircraft where weight is a much greater concern. Container ship Emma Maersk with Destination Port of Hamburg in June 2014, Photo by Hummelhummel, CC BY-SA 3.0 For far too many reasons, the 109,000-horsepower Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C outranks the engines used in Titanic .

The engine speed varies from 22-102 rpm. According to the source, United States Library of Congress, this is an image of Titanic’s stern and rudder. The weight of this engine is a fantastic 2,300 tons, while its height of 44 feet would match a building four stories high. The buoyant force of the large vessel is part of the design weighing cost against pure performance. Neither heat nor noise are limiting factors in the use of turbines in nautical applications. The magnificent engine weighs an astounding 23,000 tons. These specs calculate out to (109000/23000 = ) 4.74 HP per ton! This is .8/.00237 = 338 times the power to weight ratio of the RT-flex96C. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Detonate?

I’d love to see the turbos this engine uses!


Two stroke engines are very powerful but also very polluting which is why we don't use them in cars and motorcycles any more. The world’s biggest container ship Emma Maersk is fitted with the largest diesel engine ever manufactured (110,000 hp).

The vessel is en route to the port of Khalifa, sailing at a speed of 0.5 knots and expected to arrive there on Oct 28, 16:00.. The 14-cylinder, 2-stroke TRA96 aboard the Emma Mærsk weighs over 2300 tons and operates at a relatively pokey 102 rpm. Oh, did I mention that the Emma Mærsk is the most vast container ship in the world? The current position of EMMA MAERSK is at Persian Gulf (coordinates 24.98634 N / 54.53445 E) reported 1 min ago by AIS. The ships that transport goods from China to the U.S. are usually Huge.

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