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BSA/AML professionals have been anxiously waiting revisions to the 2014 BSA/AML Examination Manual (Exam Manual) published by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), the interagency body comprised of federal banking regulatory agencies. Developing Conclusions and Finalizing the Exam – The Manual reminds examiners that banks have flexibility in the design of their BSA/AML compliance programs, and minor weaknesses, deficiencies, and technical violations alone are not indicative of an inadequate program. Guidance to examiners on assessing BSA/AML compliance program structures, management of foreign branches, and parallel banking. The FDIC is proud to be a pre-eminent source of U.S.
A system of internal controls to assure ongoing compliance. The Council is a formal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform principles, standards, and report forms for the federal examination of financial institutions by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (), the National Credit Union Administration (), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (), and the Consumer … Learn about the FDIC’s mission, leadership, data. important initiatives, and more. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) is updating several sections and related examination procedures in the FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) Examination Manual, which provides instructions to examiners for assessing a bank's BSA/AML compliance program. performed depend on the BSA/AML risk profile of the banking organization, the quality and quantity of independent testing, the financial institution’s history of BSA/AML compliance, and other relevant factors. 1381 0 obj <>stream Banks “must establish and maintain procedures reasonably designed to assure and monitor compliance with BSA regulatory requirements (BSA/AML compliance program).”  At a minimum, the “BSA/AML compliance program must be written, approved by the board of directors, and noted in the board minutes.”. manages receiverships. Assessing the. created by the Congress to maintain stability and public confidence in the history, career opportunities, and more. h�b```�&�!��π �,`��5$40�B]$�O����Gq�r4�(�/�.�,otk��K�~%�#�(��xP�M���k��LІ���mm�M)* ��;�s32j��(����WD��FD���v��Dxt�70L4�,i*��"" FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual 2 7/28/2006 The FDIC provides a wealth of resources for consumers,

Hs20X��,�&. As we previously blogged here, here, and here, collaborative arrangements and shared resources have a been a topic of discussions as the financial regulatory agencies attempt to modernize the BSA/AML system. © 2020 Compliance Cohort LLC.

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