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Want a different side dish?
If you are hosting a German-themed lunch or dinner party, or just want some international inspiration, look no further. Super easy to make and tastes even better when reheated the next day. In Germany, desserts are often just puddings, ice cream, or fruit. Making a large pot of soup also provides leftovers for the next day. Read more. Sometimes there is nothing better than good, old-fashioned comfort food, like the dishes that Grandma used to make. Copyright 2008-2020  (aka |   All Rights Reserved   |  Site Map |  Privacy Policy   |   Powered by: Make Your Knowledge Sell! Shop German Food Products We Are A Mobile German Restaurant. Rouladen take time, so I often make them the night before I need them and just reheat them the next day. A popular German saying is "Nach dem Essen soll man ruhen, oder tausend Schritte tun", which means "After eating, either take a nap or a walk." However, when I serve a German-style dinner to guests, they seem to expect a German torte for dessert. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Some traditionally German, others more modern, but ALL Oma-made and ALL family-approved. Company's coming! Currywurst. I will not promote products I do noT own or would not buy MYSELF. Jaeger Schnitzel.

If you're feeling ambitious, make this whole menu for a full German meal. Don't dress the lettuce salad until you are ready to eat, but everything else can be prepped beforehand. And what's more traditional than German Black Forest Cake? german spinach salad Baby spinach, fresh mushrooms, egg, sliced turkey, Swiss Cheese, bacon, red onions, and tomatoes with an apple vinaigrette. The lentils are cooked with German bacon and soup greens and served with red wine vinegar. Served with red cabbage (naturally), sometimes made with jarred red cabbage, and boiled potatoes. You may want to follow this advice after enjoying one of the menus below.

With lots of carbohydrates for plenty of energy on cold days and filling to boot, sweet main dishes are a real treat. What to make? Linsen, Spaetzle und Saiten - Lentil Stew with Noodles and Frankfurter. Meet with us around Oma's table, pull up a chair, grab a coffee and a piece of Apfelstrudel, and enjoy the visit. Carrots make a nice extra side.

German sweets including gingerbread, cookies, and streusel-topped treats, are another way to eat your way through the holiday season.

"Discretion is a life-giving fountain to those who posses it, but discipline is wasted on fools. Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight?

Definitely a favourite! Same great taste, just more economical, quicker, and easier. You'll find thousands of German foodies, all eager to help and to talk about all things German, especially these yummy foods.

A selection of dishes you might find on typical German restaurant menus.

|   Grab Oma's cookbooks! salt, and bring to boil.

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The lentils are cooked with German bacon and soup greens and served with red wine vinegar. Multiple dishes and courses are not always necessary for a satisfying German meal.

They make sharing your German heritage a delicious adventure!

Looking for unique German gifts? Sometimes these sweet dishes are served with a little savory soup to start.

➤ Erika Neumayer Ehrat, Owner & designer of Rare Dirndl, Oma's store  | Breads  |  Cakes  |  Cookies  |  Desserts  |  Dumplings  |  Meats  |  SPÄTZLE  |  Salads  |  Soups  |  Vegetables  |  Vegan |  Oktoberfest |  COOKBOOKS | Terms and conditions | eCookbook FAQ. However, Flatladen are a rouladen alternative. Cut the scrubbed potatoes into chunks, cover with boiling water (put the kettle on earlier), add 1/2 tsp. And for dessert?

More to Explore. Sometimes, actually many times, these are also special meals for the family. For a feast, include a side of red cabbage.

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