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When entering the Spikey Village in the episode "Gut Grinder;" Finn gave Jake a pair of "Groucho glasses" so that the Spikey People wouldn't think Jake was the Gut Grinder. Tusky Husky • Marceline • He isn't a normal, anthropomorphic dog, as he has the magic ability to stretch his body at will. Lila, Lazlo • Jake was later born from the pustule on his father's head from the creature's bite and was taken by Joshua and Margaret to live alongside their natural-born son Jermaine. Feedback • It is inferred that magical dogs have a lifespan similar to Humans, as demonstrated by an aged Jake in "Dungeon Train." Casanova • Cloudy Jay, Gumball Watterson •

Principal Pixiefrog • Eileen Roberts • Hot Spot •

The Witch who stripped Jake of his magical powers was also somehow able to see him and hear him. Although Jake's subconscious is translucent and merely Jake's subconscious, he is still solid as when Jake cried over his dying body, tears ran off to his sides. Besides, Jake the Dog becomes so popular not just because of the fun it always brings but as well as with so many life lessons that are being quoted whenever the dog talks in the cartoon series. Nigel Planter, Cod Commando • It is revealed that while Jake can stretch his body to incredible lengths, his body could be pulled so long that it becomes dangerously thin. Lila Test • Jake has Stretchy Powers, which allow him to stretch and manipulate his body, coming in handy on innumerable occasions throughout his and Finn's adventures. Richard, See Also: Zed • The Kid • In "Dad's Dungeon" and "Jake the Dad" he and Finn are seen as babies at the same time, meaning that he ages at a faster rate than humans, but at a slower rate than dogs do normally. Cyborg •

Finn was about to decline the offer when Jake says "Whoa, let her kiss your cheek, man! More Adventure Time: What Time Is It Wiki. Swampfire • He later appears when Jake is making his appeal to the Witch in order to get his powers back. Astrodactyl •

Transformers Heroes. He also owns a sword, a shield and an axe but seldom uses them in combat. Professor Paradox • Hunchback of Nowhere • In "The Chamber of Frozen Blades" he stated that his sense of smell is "1,000 times better" than Finn's, although compared to normal dogs this is a low estimate, suggesting that he was either just guessing, or his sense of smell is similar to that of an average dog. Raven • Fictional Characters Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Zon, Finn • Four Arms • He was also very supportive when he was heartsick from her, and fully understands how much PB had hurt him. He can also stretch to entangle enemies, or grow to gain a height and weight advantage. Numbuh 60 • He also wears black shoes. Numbuh 83 •

Más y Menos • Jake's stretching ability is subject to the principle of conservation of mass as seen in "The Limit". Zombie Jake appears in "From Bad To Worse," when he was bitten by a Candy Zombie. Echo Echo • Kid Flash • Drew Saturday • Jake constantly repeats that she is insane to Finn throughout the episode, and follows Susan and Finn to annoy and disrupt them. Harold • Jinx • Spellbinder • Jake is shown to have a very short attention span, as shown in "Power Animal." Sector Z • In real life, the dog’s name was “Laddie”. Pud'n • Finn treasures her music box that she used for lullabies and carries it with him in his backpack; he sees himself as their son and fellow 'puppy'. It is likely that Jake's amorphous powers come from the same creature that bit his father's head in "Joshua and Margaret Investigations," though this is unconfirmed. During the same time, he also displays a prowess for skateboarding, as he performs jumps, ollies, and grinds, several atop a moving train. Joshua and Margrate are Jake's parents who first appeared in a flashback in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountin." When he turned back to normal Jake, he was at Promcoming and he fell on the antidote that Finn brought. Yoink • Knuckles • Jake shows lack of appreciation for his given name when he throws the card on the ground.

Kwarrel • Not only can he stretch and contort himself into highly specific forms, but he can also rearrange his internal organs, and teeth. Jake says that he told him to say the lines instead of flexing out, who instead responds "I don't hear her complaining," which provokes Jake into attacking him. Puppycorn • One frequent use of his powers is Key Hand, which he uses to pick locks. Bronwyn has yellow-orange fur, similar to that of Jake's, with some of it acting as hair that conceals her right eye. In "My To Favorite People," Jake befriends a boy named Tiffany in an attempt to get Finn and Lady Rainicorn jealous of him. Ultimate Swampfire • Jake is very aware of Finn's crush on Princess Bubblegum, so Princess Bubblegum and Jake have a rather strange relationship.

Jake initially fears of vampires, which makes him terrified of Marceline. Starfire • Jake thinks that he and Banana Man are destined to meet again, when Finn isn't around.

And throughout the episode the scared townspeople thought Jake was the Gut Grinder. Bismuth • Elodie • Dr. Fox • https://ultimateatfan.fandom.com/wiki/Jake_the_Dog?oldid=4001. Numbuh 1 •

Jake was conceived when his father, Joshua, was driving a pickle wagon during an investigation with his wife Margaret.

It is shown in "Incendium" that he can also play ukulele. The Woolies • Nina Neckerly • He's a magical dog and Finn's constant companion, best friend and adoptive brother. In the end of the episode, dressed as a mail man, he delivers a daisy crown to Baby-Snaps. Need to go somewhere far? He is voiced by John DiMaggio. Chelsea Keezheekoni, Grizzly Bear • SPORK • Panthro • Charlie • Patches • Once his mass is distributed along a certain length of his body, it becomes difficult for him to support himself; at one point, Jake was forced to walk along the ground. ", he was able to shrink and move his internal organs and blood into his left thumb. Heatblast • Global Security • Finn dresses in an outfit similar to that of a ninja, pretending to be Jake's shadow. Love you, lady!!! Daddy • Koosalagoopagoop •

Thunder • Once his mass is distributed along a certain length of his body, it becomes difficult for him to support himself; at one point, Jake was forced to walk along the ground. Tygra • Jake the Dog is the deuteragonist ofthe cartoon series Adventure Time, the tetaragonist of Steaks, the deuteragonist of Islands, and one of the two main protagonists of Elements. Teether • Jake (full title: Jake the Dog), the deuteragonist of Adventure Time, is a magical dog and Finn's constant companion, best friend, and adoptive brother. Jake also has a supernaturally powerful imagination (on the verge of having psychic powers) as seen in "Rainy Day Daydream." Jetray • For instance, Jake storms off when he misinterprets Finn and Lady's budding friendship in "My To Favorite People." Roger Radcliffe • Eddy • Alien X • Cooper Daniels • Mung Daal • He is also not very willing to do things that require effort sometimes as shown in "The Witch's Garden" when he is unwilling to run and save Finn from Gary.

Mina Monroe • Numbuh 86 • Kai Green • Then again, how exactly magical dog years correlate to human years remains to be seen, although both Finn and Jake were shown to be babies around the same time, showing that they age slightly faster, however, his age as of "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" suggests that it slows down to the rate of human's aging at some point. Max Tennyson • When Jake refuses to give in to the Witch's humiliating demands, Jake's subconscious tells Jake that he is the subconscious form of Jake's old magical self, and is therefore beginning to die. Rath • Numbuh 4 • Goals It is revealed that while Jake can stretch his body to incredible lengths, he does have a limit. Jake greatly respects Finn's relationship with Flame Princess, and does everything he can to keep it intact, including keeping his distance when the two are spending time together. Robo-Dexo 2000 • He's also shown to take some games very seriously, such as Card Wars(Game) and Krompy's Castle. Bumblebee • Beast Boy • Without his magical powers, Jake is rather weak and can barely even run, as seen in the episode "The Witch's Garden". Godfrey and Zeek • Phan Tone • While Finn and Lady Rainicorn are apparently Jake's two favorite people, he has a number of other acquaintances, listed in his cell phone (see Jake's Phone), as well as President Porpuswho he web-chats with. Jake (full title: Jake the Dog), the secondary protagonist of Adventure Time, is a dog/shape-shifter hybrid, referred to by others as a "magical dog," and Finn's constant companion, best friend, and adoptive brother. Jake's Stretchy Powers enable him to modify the size, shape, and dimensions of every part of his body. Jake also has a supernaturally powerful imagination (on the verge of having psychic powers) as seen in "Rainy Day Daydream". Jake's Magic/Magical Hobo Cloak of Adventure!! Stretch-O-Mutt, Johnny Test • Tiki Torch • Destiny Gang! Bubbles •

It is known that Jake is not Finn's dog, but rather his friend and brother- as seen in "Jake vs. Me-Mow" when they refer to Jake's Mom as simply Mom.

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