miniature highland cow

Windham Hills Chloe born in 2003, Chloe is a cream (double dilute of red) 100% Highland cow out of registered stock.

Exposed to Loki for 2021 Alena's retained calf is Rusty. Alena measured in at 42” at age 3 and at 44” at age 8.

Should I start breeding for smaller size or will people consider larger cattle for pets. Xenia’s Lindsay is a mahogany red 100% Highland cow. I have no doubt that highlands could make great pets if you could invest a little time into them every day. In fact there are many different breeds of mini cattle for sale, So not being able to find answers on Wikipedia I thought I would just ask you the public are there really mini breeds. Puppy’s retained calves are Lassie and Bernese. Born 2007, out of Girl (45” at age 21), sired by Otto (42” at age 3), Puppy measured in at 40” at age 3 and classified as a full miniature.

Aurora. Kendall’s retained calf is Midas. Recently I was watching an incredible and inspiring documentary called The Biggest Little Farm and they had a cow I fell in love with.

They even offer to handle and halter train them for a fee. At age 9, Puppy measured in at 43.”  Puppy has excellent hair, a long and thick dossen, and that wonderful round sheep dog looking face that we have been selecting and breeding for. Alena won best of breed, best Highland cow/calf pair, and her calves have always taken first place when shown. Although most Highlands would be considered a "Mid-Miniature" size breed (Over 43" at 3 years of age) Miniature Highland cattle (under 42" at 3 years of age) are one of the most popular of the miniature breeds of cattle and good miniatures are still quite rare. Austin Farms Jade born in 2010 46" at age 6, 43" at age 3. What I did discover is that there is such a thing as a mini Scottish Highland cow.

I might just have an old way of thinking like so many commercial farmers in this country where the vast majority are just of producing cattle for kg of beef. I think for now I will stick with regular size cattle but if anyone wants one for a pet or animal sanctuary let me know. Although it was later claimed that he was in fact bisexual it was still a very large sum of money to purchase the bull and re home him in an animal sanctuary in Norfolk, England. It seems to me these miniature highlands are really novelty cattle or pets. Not because I’ve recently inherited a farm nor the necessary accommodations for a giant cow.

They live to be roughly 20 years old which is much longer than the average cow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She is very quiet and easily kept and comes at a very reasonable price.

We retained Lindsay’s 2013 daughter Ruby sired by Thor (40” at age 3) who is one of our sweetest 1st generation Thor calves.

We will never spam or sell your email address because we love you. Daisy is very fine boned and is a bit leggy, but her calves out of Thor, Rusty, and Hank have all been very small; all have measured in as full miniatures at age 3.

These docile minis are much easier and safer to handle then standards size, are calm and don’t spook easily; making them great for showing or pets.

A man buying for the factory isn’t going to pay the same as someone who wants one for breeding or a pet farm.

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