pfaff gathering foot

Receive weekly coupons,tutorials & specials We'll never share your email address Thanks for subscribing! Ungrouped Models: Passport 3.0, Performance 5.2 FREE Delivery. Insert non-gathering fabric fully into slot of foot. Group D: freestyle 1522, freestyle 1527, select 3.0, select 3.2, select 4.0, select 4.2, select 1530, select 1536, select 1538, select 1540, select 1546, select 1548, stretch & jeans 6091, tiptronic 6120, tiptronic 6122, tiptronic 6150, tiptronic 6152, tiptronic 6230, tiptronic 6232, tiptronic 6250 and tiptronic 6270. love 25; Wishlist; share; Other Information; How to use: Set the overlock machine for the desired stitch.

Set the machine for straight stitch with the needle in far left position.

Group K: ambition 1.0, ambition 1.5, Ambition 610, Ambition 620, ambition essential, creative 1.5, quilt ambition 2.0, Quilt Ambition 630, passport 2.0, 140S, 260S and 260C.

PFAFF Gathering Shirring Foot Sewing Machine Presser Foot 93-036967-91 PFAFF Without IDT Creative Select Expression #820668096. titch and gather two layers of fabric quickly and easily. The Gathering Foot is perfect for gathering a single layer of fabric or simultaneously gathering and stitching two layers of fabric. Pass the fabric beneath the bottom of the foot and simply sew. Gathering Foot, Pfaff #820668096 Details.

Group F: creative 7560. Group J: creative sensation, creative sensation pro, creative performance, creative vision, creative 2.0, creative 3.0, creative 4.0, creative 4.5, expression 150, expression 2.0, expression 3.0, expression 3.2, expression 3.5, performance 5.0, quilt expression 4.0 and quilt expression 4.2. Group B: hobby 1016, hobby 1020, hobby 1022, hobby 1030, hobby 1032, hobby 1040, hobby 1042, hobby 301, hobby 303 Gathering is a classic decorative technique. simultaneously stitch and gather two layers of fabric quickly and easily. Alternate Part Numbers: 93-036967-91. It‘s easy with this‚ special. It‘s easy with this‚ special foot, which is especially useful for sewing flounces on cushions and curtains or for attaching gathered seams on children‘s clothing. Guide fabric, allowing machine to pull bottom fabric freely for uniform gathering. 65. You can. 89. (The bottom fabric layer will be gathered and the top layer remains fl at.)

The Gathering Foot can be used for lightly gathering fabric as well as attaching the gathered edge to a flat (ungathered) fabric, at the same time quickly and easily. Stitch and gather two layers of fabric quickly and easily. Fabrics should be right sides together. Gathering is a classic decorative technique. The Gathering Foot can be used for lightly gathering fabric as well as attaching the gathered edge to a flat (ungathered) fabric, at the same time quickly and easily.

Locate Dealer. The gathering foot allows the creation of a permanently gathered ruffle, no more slipping or sliding up and down the stitch line with the added bonus of sewing the gather to a second layer of fabric in a single pass! PFAFF® is trademarks of KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. All rights reserved. Group C: expression 2014, hobby 4240, hobby 4250, hobby 4260, Select 150, select 2.0, select 2.2, select 1520, select 1526, select 1528, tiptronic 2010, tiptronic 2020, tiptronic 6110 and tiptronic 6112.

You can simultaneously stitch and gather two layers of fabric quickly and easily. All trademarks, service marks, product names and logos appearing on this site are the property of their respective owners. © 2019 KSIN Luxembourg II, S.a.r.l. Gathering a single layer of fabric .

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