propanone intermolecular forces

<0050><0050><006D> 38 0 obj 7 0 obj Why then does a substance change phase from a gas to a liquid or to a solid? << <000E><000E><002B> An attractive force between HCl molecules results from the attraction between the positive end of one HCl molecule and the negative end of another. 109 0 obj 1 0 0 -1 0 792 cm -100 Tz 6 767.25 m 84 0 obj x�u�Kj! attractive or repulsive force between molecules, including dipole-dipole, dipole-induced dipole, and London dispersion forces; does not include forces due to covalent or ionic bonding, or the attraction between ions and molecules, Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Boiling Points, PhET interactive simulation on states of matter, phase transitions, and intermolecular forces, Describe the types of intermolecular forces possible between atoms or molecules in condensed phases (dispersion forces, dipole-dipole attractions, and hydrogen bonding), Identify the types of intermolecular forces experienced by specific molecules based on their structures, Explain the relation between the intermolecular forces present within a substance and the temperatures associated with changes in its physical state.

/Length 0 stream >> <000E><000E><002B> BT ET Although this phenomenon has been investigated for hundreds of years, scientists only recently uncovered the details of the process that allows geckos’ feet to behave this way. endstream endstream /Type/ExtGState /GS0 gs << (also, London dispersion force) attraction between two rapidly fluctuating, temporary dipoles; significant only when particles are very close together, hydrogen bonding 0047004C005600570055004C004500580057004C00520051> Tj Figure 12. <002E><002E><004B> Q <<
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<0047><0047><0064> /Length 91 /FontFile2 1381 0 R If the intermolecular forces are strong then the enthalpy of vaporisation is high.

q 43.5 111.1934 Td <00560057005500520051004A004800550003004C005100570048005500500052004F004800460058004F0044005500030049 <0031><0031><004E> /F2 399 0 R B. Propanone has a higher vapor pressure and stronger intermolecular forces than water. 2�"��3 ' ���Ƅ���,�^S�A!

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>> Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. If not, then what is the strongest force?
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The physical properties of condensed matter (liquids and solids) can be explained in terms of the kinetic molecular theory. endobj q

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