retire in taiwan

Your expenses (food, rent, apt to buy) are the highest on the island. Lots of N. Americans retired in Costa Rico.
What I would really like to do for work is figure out a way to do what has previously been a part-time job for me - playing and teaching music. Tourism visas for a period longer than ninety days are unavailable, however it is possible to extend your stay in Taiwan by flying out of the country and re-entering at a later date. Taiwan ranks #1 on my list of places to retire. Starting construction in a year. Good food. Anyways, enough of my thinking out loud … I do have another option, which is working another 5 years, and getting a $40K CAN pension … But that would require another five years of working often 12hr+ days, 5-6 days per week, in an incredibly high stress environment … If I can find a spot in my company that pays the same but is a regular day job, then maybe. For Mexico: I don’t know… It would just seem like any foreign family just ups its risk profile a bit by moving there. Hua Hin is an inviting place to retire that is also the summer home of much of Thailand's royal family. Taiwan has it’s fair share of issues, the biggest of which is school for our son, who would be 11 years old when we are thinking of the move. This option is ideal for foreign investors looking to retire in Taiwan while operating a small business. I likely wouldn’t need to work however, but I might want to, even if it is just to pay for a trip of some sort … In Taiwan the plan would be to have a work visa where I would work whatever the minimum is for a visa, do that for 5 years, and then get the APRC. You can google it and see some information on it. Visa fees range based on the type of visa you are applying for and the embassy from which you are lodging your application. Some of the names of the stops in the Taichung Metro are derived from Tongyong Pinyin. In addition to Taichung, it may serve Changhua and Nantou counties. OP can confirm, but per his original post, his wife is not Taiwanese. I could try and do something related to what I am doing now, but that would take some major creativity and I would really like to just work part time if possible - my guitar practicing alone used to be 3 hours everyday. Applicants will need to provide a verified copy of their marriage certificate, as well as identifying documents for both themselves and their Taiwanese spouse in order to qualify for the resident visa. Her son who is half German is great at tennis and other sports. True enough. The business visa system is fairly simple and easy to understand, with only a few special requirements for foreigners. Please reload CAPTCHA. I’d be bored out of my mind. Gangs, kidnappings, etc. While this is simple for employees, it can be a difficult process for would-be entrepreneurs.

There are many in Hualien that do sports, for example, and school is secondary for them. I knew there were drugs in Thailand but I thought it was mostly weed, which I’m not crazy about but whatever … However meth is a different story altogether, and I see how much it can completely destroy people’s lives in a very short period of time through my work. display: none !important; My initial feeling is that Taiwan is a great place. Unfortunately, Taiwan does not offer a retirement visa in the same form as those offered by Thailand and Malaysia.

Near Taroko Gorge, Rift Valley. While Taiwan’s lack of a formal retirement visa is an annoyance for those looking to retire to the country without a Taiwanese spouse, its simple visa system and fairly open economy make it an easy country for those with ties to Taiwan. I know some who own restaurants (never open one!). Many non-working foreigners looking to extend their stay in Taiwan beyond the standard ninety-day visa limit use this strategy. Known for its beautiful scenery and bustling economy, Taiwan has rapidly grown into one of Asia’s most popular retirement and expatriate destinations. Great place to visit but not to live. Fantastic place to retire. As the requirements for Taiwan visas differ based on the applicant’s country of citizenship, it’s worth calling your local embassy to enquire about any special requirements or helpful documents.

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