scottish highland auction

Consignment Number: 306 DOB: 07/30/2018 Auction House continues to respond to the impact of Coronavirus and is following the changing advice of government and medical organisations in its activities and operations.

He has a good straight backline and conformation.

His build is very strong and correct. Registration Status: Registered #59,635 Heifer #60,703 DOB: 06/13/2019

She is strongly built with good legs and nice straight back. Check out his registration and you will find farms from LA, NC, TX, and MO and if you look further, his great- great Grandmother came from the Jack Stroh fold in CO dating back to 1981. He will eat range cubes from your hand.

This cow is a 14 year old cow and her 3 month old calf at time of sale. She is docile and has been around people. She is halter broke, stands tied, and loads easily. Follow us @auctionhousesco, NO IN ROOM AUCTIONS

Sex: Female. Property Auction Experts Scattercreek Highlands are also a farm that is no longer in production, so these are one of a kind bloodlines. Someone looking for a herd with above average genetics, he is a good option. Her sire originated from WI and some bloodlines are also from IL. Little Man is easy to work with, showing great interest in the females already. Registration Status: Unregistered He can be registered as foundation stock with the HHCA registry also.

This young bull will make a great sire for any fold. His sire is Cheek's Sunset Yankee, reg. She is a purebred Scottish Highland cow. Throughout the Country, Over £1.7m raised at our Consignment Number: 103 He can be registered at your cost. Consignment Number: 111

She is bred offering the opportunity for including diverse genetic 'outcross' bloodlines that are unique in the United States. Consignment Number: 109 ago.

He will be a great show animal for any Junior having a 4-H or FFA project this summer showing him at a county fair.Don't pass a white bull up. Sex: Female. He is from the first calf crop out of Bid Ridge's Eirnin, "EZ" Reg. His sire is GH Mr Dickens, reg.

He has another year of growth before a high confidence assessment can be made. DOB: 06/04/2019 His sire is Cheek's Sunset Yankee, reg. Each property will be offered subject to a Reserve (a figure below which the Auctioneer cannot sell the property during the auction) which we expect will be set within the Guide Range or no more than 10% above a single figure Guide. Her bloodlines date back to MN, MO and KS and date back over 20 years. His dam, Eva Sunset, reg.

# 54465 has bloodlines from URock Highlands in WI and also Scottish Craycombe bloodlines dating back to '89. More info: THB Lee is a red yearling bull. She will be triple registered: Registration is pending in the open HHCA Registry, and the International Miniature Cattle Breeders Registry. Her dam is an unregistered cow but her sire was registered Black Watch Emmett, reg. Sex: Female. She is a smaller framed cow weighing in at 935lbs. Check this bull out for an optional sire. # 56,m773 and her dam is Blue Moons Ebon, reg. Registration Status: Unregistered Ghost will make a great project and has an awesome attitude for a multi-use working animal or the easy handling bull for your fold.

A great candidate for a beef or show breeding bull. She has some excellent bloodlines coming from Canada and the US She has many good years of production as you can see what she brings with her in this bull calf at her side. Fauna is a docile heifer that has been wormed and vaccinated and would make a great addition to your Higland fold or could be your first Highland purchase. Registration Status: Unregistered She will take range cubes from your hands too.

Nova has some old bloodlines on her dam's side that date back to the Jack Stroh fold in CO Registration #9713. He has great potential for being a strong sire for you fold with some old bloodlines.

More info: True Chance will be 21 months old by May. Sex: Female. She is in good shape and always walks up to you in the pasture.

Sire is GH Mr Dickens reg.#48,604 and the dam is LSR Joy, reg. More info: Kendall's Morgan and her heifer calf PRF Vivien are being offered at the auction becuase the breeder is downsizing.

Where possible we have created video tours of the lots we are selling and encourage virtual viewings of these.
Registration Status: Unregistered Sex: Female.

Some good old bloodlines follow this bull. More info: TBH Arakis can be registered in AHCA and/or HHCA.
I think he might prove valuable in a beef production activity as his size and growth dynamics are genetically. DOB: 08/09/2011

Registration Status: Registered #48,604 Consignment Number: 315 Thank you to Ted Berghorst of Beaver Creek, MN for purchasing heifers #305 & #310, Consignment Number: 305 The problem is my herd bull doesn't like "blondes". Also some of the other bloodlines date back to breeders who no longer raise Highlands. Weighing 57 pounds at birth, he is in excellent condition and will be 10 month old at sale time. Take a look at this cow/calf pair. For anyone looking for a good sire in a year, he has the above average genetics from his dam and sire. You can see her info in Lot 102. Check her out. #55772.

More info: The J Bar T Highland Cattle Company is pleased to offer JBT William the Head (AHCA 57292). More info: Tag #60 is an unregistered yellow heifer. Consignment Number: 201 Registration Status: Unregistered He is a full blood Highland steer with both registered dam and sire. These include and are not limited to administration charges and buyer's premium fees payable on exchange, and disbursements payable on completion. She also has bloodlines form OK, KS and IA. We cover all of the main population centres of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Paisley and East Kilbride, as well as down to Dumfries and the borders, and all areas of the Highlands and Islands. Sex: Female. She can be registered as Foundation stock with the HHCA Registry. Registration Status: Unregistered

Registration Status: Unregistered Flare is a shy girl, socialization in a smaller herd environment will likely be easy. Registration Status: Registered #59,200 Consignment Number: 304 Mithradates will take range cubes from your hand. Sex: Female. DOB: 07/21/2017

SOLD: Thank you to Stacia Danielson, IA for purchasing my black cow. #52738, a very gentle good producing yellow cow whose bloodlines date back to Marsh Creek Victor's William, a notable retired breeder from MN. Please be aware there may be additional fees payable on top of the final sale price. She is a medium framed yellow heifer who is short legged, but stocky.

She is a smaller framed heifer with short legs and shorter body frame. Consignment Number: 308 His sire is Cheek's Sunset Yankee, reg. More info: Sweet N' Low is a dark red colored Highland bull and is eleven months old at auction time. More info: J Bar T's 2LeJit is a promising black heifer calf out of LEA Jitterbug, a solid performing black cow and Caledonis's Calling Heritage. Click here to register for Remote Bidding.

This cow calf pair will make a great addition to anyone's fold as you can add two different sire bloodlines to your fold. Take a look, he is ready to go.

DOB: 04/02/2019

He has been saddled and had small children on his back.

More info: J Bar T's August is an August 2019 heifer calf out of J Bar T's SUE. Sex: Female. Consignment Number: 114 More info: Mithradates is a red, 2 year old full blood Highland steer. sire is DW Smoky Cole reg. WIlliam showed great promise as a calf; exhibiting great depth, thickness and a great head. WCH Sebastian will be tested for trichomoniasis and will have a breeding soundness exam. He was an embryo transplant from Scotland. Registration Status: AHCA Registered #55,333/ Bull Calf Pending Registration Design provided by Coble Highland RanchHosted and Maintained by

Or if you don't want to eat him, he will be a great lawn ornament around the farm.

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