uk vs us war, who would win

The brits relay on strategy and brute proffesionaliusm.. Take the falkland war for example.. way out numbered in Air land and Sea.. but because we played it tactically we defeated the enimie. Pain, dismemberment, death, starvation, and the death and injury of loved ones are not metaphorical.

The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Compared to some wars, civilians in the U.S. Civil War were relatively spared, though atrocities, forced displacement, food shortages, sieges, and destroyed villages and cities certainly occurred, as Hacker acknowledged: “Although examples abound, the total number of civilian deaths during the Civil War is unknown. UK. The British military on the other hand is primarily infantry based and is taught to neutralize threats and dominate and control the battlefield using different infantry tactics with of course additional air support supplied by the RAF and Army Air Corp as well as mechanized armoured support from the Mechanized Infantry, Royal Armoured Corp and Royal Artillery. 57(4):307-48. Really Great. Don’t know who would win, but I’m pretty sure that New Jersey started it. Sketch by Alfred Waud. 4) We are also one of the healthier states (by that i mean we have one of the lowest obesity rate) So be warned: this sort of hypothesising could benefit from some healthy zombie-apocalypse-type scepticism, lest you lend it a little too much credibility as a portrait of future military supremacy. Journal of Peace Research. This is one example of why war has been called “development in reverse” (Collier et al 2003). Twin Res. "Arin't we supposed to be in a war with each other?"

2) Nukes for days here. Yes, that might not mean much when you already have the largest navy and combat air force in the world by a longshot, and a frightening nuclear arsenal, but then there’s also this to consider…, Air: 1,500 combat aircraft; ? A war between US and UK would see UK win easily. Of course, there is no a priori reason to assume that the rates of death would remain that same. It was a british man who started the Navy seals. It maybe wouldn’t follow straightforward geographic divides. Grimsley M, Rogers CJ, eds. Idaho If anyone had the technology to make corn monster soldiers, it would be Indiana. For most analysts, the big question about China’s growing prominence is whether any underlying tensions will come to the fore; will the government lose control of its population if the government's economic growth leaves more of the citizens behind? New York would have a tremendous amount of International support due to its impact on the global economy. J Immigr Minor Heal. Even Stanford’s Niall Ferguson has written about this.

Vermont Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ix–xxvi. lol. PLoS One. the U.S. population was 31,443,321 people.

2009. Missouri King has since deleted the image. Both countries have recently claimed acts of provocation by the other; Chinese ships sailing through Japanese waters; Japanese naval patrol invading China’s personal space. Indiana The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 5 Dos & 5 Don'ts Of Giving An Oscars Speech, 10 Disgusting & Off-Putting Foods That Are Outrageously Expensive, Denmark Imposing New Lockdown After Discovering Mutated Coronavirus Strains In Minks, "Big Brother 22" Contestants Reveal Which Remaining Houseguest Deserves To Win The Most, 10 Weird Rules Vince McMahon Follows To Be Successful, Los Angeles Dodgers Set Merchandise Sales Record After Winning 2020 World Series, Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Suffer Heartbreaking Pregnancy Loss, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Says Teams Lost A Combined $3 Billion In 2020, 10 Richest TV Showrunners Of All Time (& How Much They're Worth), Stranger Things Has Been Voted Netflix's Best Show Ever, Whoopi Goldberg Says She Lost "Everything" After Anti-Bush Comments, Amazon Bought Borat Sequel For $80 Million After Plans For Theater Release Were Scrapped, Sam Heughan Addresses James Bond Rumors, Says He Would Be Interested In Role, 15 YouTube Pranks That Push The Boundaries, [Report] Kenny Albert & Mike Tirico Are Candidates To Replace Mike "Doc" Emrick As Lead NBC NHL Announcer, Miami Dolphins Receive Approval To Have Full 65,000 Capacity At Hard Rock Stadium, 10 Crazy Details You Never Knew About Gwendoline Christie's Career, New England Patriots-New York Jets Monday Night Game Averaged 9.83 Million Viewers, Kentucky AG Not Happy About Being Dissed By Megan Thee Stallion On SNL. Somehow, the UK is blamed and the US declares war. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. when he says "without all the ***** technology" i assume he is referring to nuclear weapons... and simelar WMDs that could destroy a nation in hours. The US is number 1 and i think the UK is either 3 or 5. I believe that in a Infantry only stand off with the exact same numbers of men the British Military would actually succeed simply due to there better training and experience of Infantry on Infantry combat with a developed country. I think this is a real great blog post.Thanks Again. Red States versus Blue States: Who Would Win a Civil War in the U.S?

So ended the Second World War in Asia, when Japan surrendered to the allies just months after Hitler's suicide in a German bunker. Vehicles have similar statistics, the UK operates 400 Challenger II MBTs while America operates over 10,000 M1A1/A2 MBTs. New Mexico "Now, Don't worry bout' it, politicians are just trolling is all, i wouldn't take them seriously.". Painter RC, Roseboom TJ, Bleker OP. I remember people calling him out on this, as if he was oblivious to the overall political leaning of Iowa, or that he didn’t care.

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