bermuda triangle disappearances

Strange, I know. "Bermuda Triangle plane mystery solved." The enduring legend is certainly worth looking into further, as we’ve got plenty more spooky incidents left to unravel. 5 Animals That Came Back From Extinction! To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. I was really obsessed with weight loss and had really low self-esteem. She dare not move for fear the cement surrounding her would instantly give her frostbite. But when the Coast Guard finally arrived, Burack, his passenger, and the Witchcraft were no where to be found and was never seen again. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most infamous areas in the world. There is no evidence that mysterious disappearances occur with any greater frequency in the Bermuda Triangle than in any other large, well-traveled area of the ocean.” In 2018, one scientist claimed the area could be more dangerous ― just not for supernatural reasons.

Lets begin! As always, you will be surprised at what we have in stores for you. She then sailed from New Castle, Delaware, USA to Guadeloupe, West Indies on 20th August 1800 directly into the Bermuda Triangle to be never found again.

This was the incident that gave birth to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. The flight Douglas DC-3 NC16002 disappeared in Bermuda Triangle when it was only 50 miles south of Florida and about to land in Miami on December 28, 1948.

Also, in the 1970s, a Canadian scientist John Hutchison found in his work that electromagnetic fields can somehow interfere with each other. On December 22, 1967, a 23 foot cabin cruiser called the "Witchcraft," which was built to be nearly unsinkable (note: unsinkable) disappeared along with its two passengers aboard — one of whom was an experienced sailor named Dan Burack. And here's where it gets weird. Ellen Austin: This is one of the strangest Bermuda Triangle disappearances. That kind of talk just makes our heads hurt, but it would be seriously cool if it was proven to be possible. November 3, 1978 - Irving Rivers, arriving at St. Thomas from St. Croix, vanished after being sighted by the control tower, and no trace was ever found. Atlantis was written about by Plato and it's supposedly an ancient naval power, but according to legend, the entire kingdom disappeared into the sea in just one day. Christopher Columbus was actually the first one to record an unusual matter in the Bermuda Triangle while he was on his famous journey to "discover" America. It goes without saying that they were never heard from after their strange disappearance and many investigations have, so far, come up with no real answers. This theory is a little bit less strange than the previous theory, but it's still a crazy hypothesis.

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With that being said, we’re going to jump ahead two years to when a B29 actually did go missing somewhere in the area of Bermuda, with many Triangle enthusiasts jumping to connect the dots between the two. It's actually been proven to be a place where true north and magnetic north are lined up. The Bermuda Triangle is actually a gateway to another universe — or in other terms — a blackhole. October 28, 2006. (Accessed Jan. 12, 2012.)

But be cautious of alien abductions and wormholes. Hexagonal Cloud Formation? Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. After they lost radio contact and were presumed missing, another aircraft was sent out to perform a search and rescue, with it, too, being overcome by a mysterious force and subsequently lost.

This is where the impossible becomes possible. Between 1946 to 1991 alone, there were 100 disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Another questionable incident occurred in October 1951 when a ship called the Southern District disappeared after being seen near the Bermuda Triangle. Four years later in 1955, the only piece of evidence in regards to the ship's whereabouts was discovered on the Florida coast — a life preserver with the missing ships's name printed on it. The Teignmouth Electron, after being found lost at sea in July 1969. Bermuda Triangle has always been in news because of several paranormal activities, which loss of lives and ships. Also, the ships were made pretty robust, and the fact that it could easily sink because of methane gas seems quite inaccurate. Print. And people have theories behind most of them in hopes that it all connects. No crew members or the remains of the ship were ever found again. He then flew blindly for three minutes before his radio informed him that he was flying over Miami. At least there's evidence that the ship may have possibly sank... there is no other probability to it.

What’s clear here is that neither camp will end up convincing the other, especially with no tangible evidence ever being unearthed to explain exactly what happened during this fateful training run. 5 Unexplained Disappearances Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

However, there are interesting theories behind most of these cases and some of those who conjured them up have scientific facts to back up their theories.

Now, this is much harder for me, and possibly you, to grasp. Whether you believe this mystery was caused by the storm or the triangle, it’s clear that these men probably went missing under horrific circumstances, although some have even claimed that they were transported to a safe place, with factions even tossing around the lost city of Atlantis as a possible location. (Accessed Jan. 12, 2012.) 5 Twitch Streamers Swatted On Live Stream! It could very well be that the Wasp fell prey to the mysterious of the triangle legend and it is a part of a larger, seemingly unknowable, pattern that continues to defy the tenets of modern science.

Now, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I was never really a huge fan of the show, so after I made this connection I was apprehensive to crack open this book. None of the crew or passengers were ever seen again and their disappearance has puzzled mariners ever since the Rosalie’s discovery. Cerveny was explaining microbursts and not “air bombs”, and he had meant to provide a “straw man explanation” but the creators of the show took it as a legitimate.

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