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Sask. The store is stocked with various pelts and furs and a surfeit of trading goods typical of the period. Inside they explained us in a fun way all the historic events that happened here. Fort Walsh was the first NWMP fort and was constructed in 1875.

Sask. There are pathways down to the Fort and the buildings are wheelchair accessible.

Fort Walsh has been rebuilt in it’s original location.

The setting in the Cypress Hills is very scenic. Wow! The workshop was also used to store surplus firearms and ammunition, as well as the fort’s heavier artillery. ... Fort Mill Dermatology LLC Fort Mill South Carolina, Long, Paul M, MD Hilton Head Island South Carolina Medical & Health Care in Virginia: Dr. Michael K Caulkins, MD Lynchburg Virginia, Kidmed Pediatric Urgent Care Stafford Virginia We were so glad that I made time in our cross-Canada drive plans to check out Maple Creek (Cypress Hills campground being all booked up) and Fort Walsh. Relatively isolated, Fort Walsh can be accessed either by the Saskatchewan Highway #271 (which can be reached by taking the exit to Maple Creek off the #1 Trans-Canada (the Saskatchewan Highway 21)), or the scenic route, a circuitous (and bumpy) passage that begins in Elkwater, Alberta, and winds through the Cypress Hills. The canteen is located in the visitor centre and offers snacks, packaged foods and cold beverages. The fort was subsequently converted into a RCMP remount ranch, and, from 1943- 1968, served as a breeding and training centre for RCMP horses (many of which were used in the Musical Ride at the Fort Museum of the North West Mounted Police in Fort Macleod). They found over 100,000 artifacts have been found from fort walsh ,most came from the 1875-1883 police post. The staff area, as its name suggests, is used exclusively by staff and is off limits to tourists.

The following year, in 1875, the Mounties built another fort in the Cypress Hills, another hotspot for illegal activity, a short distance from the site of the Cypress Hills Massacre (the 1873 event that prompted the dispatch of the North West Mounted Police in the first place), and christened it “Fort Walsh” in honour of James Morrow Walsh, the fiery NWMP Major who would become the fort’s first Commanding Officer.

Fox pelts hanging in the Metis trading cabin at Fort Walsh.

However, once there, I was fascinated by this fort. To give this anecdote some context, Fort Walsh is a former North West Mounted Police fort and a present-day Canadian National Historic Site located on the Saskatchewan side of the Cypress Hills. There are accessible restrooms located inside the visitor center, inside the fort as well as down by the Métis cabins. For a very real experience with life in a fort and what the early years were like this destination feels like you have driven to the middle of nowhere, then into a valley to the high wood walls of a very large Fort, just like in the movies! The grave of Edward McKay, a Metis settler who lived with his family in the Cypress Hills near Fort Walsh from 1872 (before Fort Walsh and the NWMP was established) until his death. It's worth it! I am the great grandson of Constable G. Johnston buried in the NWMP cemetery. It was also the area that the … Shortly after Fort Walsh’s founding, a small community began to grow outside its palisaded walls. The fort was originally built in 1875 after the Cypress Hills Massacre in order to bring the police out to the North West Territories, now Saskatchewan. I hadn't been here in many years so we decided to take the kids. A caste bronze statue at Fort Walsh depicts a NWMP officer greeting a First Nations chief. It looked like a fort from the past! On October 17, 1877, Major Walsh, NWMP Commissioner James Macleod, American Army General Alfred Terry, Sioux chiefs Sitting Bull and Spotted Eagle, and several other Canadian, American and Sioux officials met in Walsh’s office to discuss the terms and conditions of a potential Sioux surrender to the United States government.

Oldtimers' Museum & Archive: Tickets & Tours‎, Cowtown Kids Toy & Candy: Tickets & Tours‎, Cypress Hills Golf Course: Tickets & Tours‎, Northern Lights Therapy and Spa: Tickets & Tours‎, Maple Creek Visitor Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Jasper Lounge & Event Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Cypress Hills Riding Academy: Tickets & Tours‎. It made it fun!This is a great place to explore.

Fort Walsh has spectacular views of the Cypress Hills which can best be viewed from the red chairs. We visited on a blustery day at the end of September. I do know that 1882 was the year the NWMP headquarters moved from Fort Walsh to Regina. Self-Guided Audio Driving Tour between Moose Jaw and Alberta, Ask 984murrays about Fort Walsh National Historic Site, Ask VenaScott about Fort Walsh National Historic Site, Ask 149daven about Fort Walsh National Historic Site, Ask wloo_andrew about Fort Walsh National Historic Site. Fort Walsh has been rebuilt in it’s original location.

Maddy is an excellent guide, truly bilingual. Fire ban has caused all trails to be closed. Thank you!! After Sitting Bull’s return to the America, Fort Walsh immediately declined in importance. What ever you do, take a tour as the guides are exceedingly well versed in history. I took the pictures and was on my way to my car when the storm rolled in. Family owned, neighborhood friendly, Westmont's own - Walsh's Bar & Grill! If I may, why do you ask? The staff were friendly, well-educated, and keen.

Parking facilities hold 90 cars and at least 10 buses. Oldtimers' Museum & Archive: Tickets & Tours‎, Cowtown Kids Toy & Candy: Tickets & Tours‎, Cypress Hills Golf Course: Tickets & Tours‎, Northern Lights Therapy and Spa: Tickets & Tours‎, Maple Creek Visitor Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Jasper Lounge & Event Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Cypress Hills Riding Academy: Tickets & Tours‎. The trade cabin represents a trading post established by Metis settler Edward McKay in 1872, before Fort Walsh and the North West Mounted Police existed.

The courthouse was used to try those arrested for possession of alcohol, horse theft, assault, or other minor offenses.
The Non-Commissioned Officers’ barracks housed thirty men, and also served as the officers’ dining and recreation room. The family disputes the recorded history, at least in part, of the Graburn incident. Friendly and very knowledgeable about the fort and local history. The guardhouse served as a guardroom, a temporary prison and a lunatic asylum. A wheel chair accessible shuttle is available to transport visitors from the parking area to the fort entrance.

On a wind swept day in late August we arrived at the fort just after light rain and the temperature was a cool 14 degrees. We have suggestions. Self-Guided Audio Driving Tour between Moose Jaw and Alberta.

The fascinating stories and displays at the traders, Metis and Lakota cabins/tent (outside the stockade) are also incredibly interesting. Sask. In the spring of 1877, in the aftermath of the Great Sioux War of 1876 that culminated in the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Hunkpapa Sioux chief Sitting Bull of Dakota Territory and his 4-5 thousand Lakota followers fled north across the. Inside the fort is an orderly arrangement of ten buildings, including: 1) the Superintendent’s residence; 2) the Commissioner’s Residence; 3) the guardhouse; 4) the Non-Commissioned Officers’ barracks; 5) the Armourer’s workshop; 6) the workshop and sick horse stable; 7) the stable; 8) the bath house; 9) the courthouse; 10) the staff area. In 1882, the NWMP headquarters were moved to Regina, and in 1883, Fort Walsh was abandoned. We had some problems to find this fort. Today, Fort Walsh can be divided into 5 sections: 1) the Visitor Reception Centre; 2) the fort rooms; 3) the trading post and Metis cabin; 4) the civilian and NWMP cemeteries; 6) the site of the Cypress Hills Massacre. Sign up here for our newsletter and keep up to date with what’s happening in the Cypress Hill Destination Area. Take your time here - you won't regret it!

“A ice spot for breakfast in Cypress Hills”, “I love to eat at Cypress Pizza and Chicken”, “Great place If you want to leave pissed...”, Hotels near Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Hotels near Fort Walsh National Historic Site, Hotels near Jasper Cultural and Historical Centre, Hotels near S.W.

In the middle of the large square drilling/ parade ground to the left of the entrance is a flagpole bearing the British Union Jack. Previous post: Things to Do in Pincher Creek, To Recieve Info on Secret Sales and giveaways, please…. A short ways due east of Fort Walsh is a civilian cemetery used by Metis families and other residents of the nameless town that once thrived outside the fort. A bit a drive to get there but worth a visit to anyone interested in the history.

On the right are service rifles, dress swords and red woolen coats used by the North West Mounted Police. we've been there several times on our own and with family. The museum. Later, when the fort was converted into an RCMP remount ranch, the stable served to house the RCMP’s iconic black horses. Friendly staff. Non-Commissioned Officers’ beds were, especially in the winter months, typically furnished with buffalo robes that were appropriated from illegal whisky traders. An interpretive guide giving a tour inside the McKay cabin. Located in the visitor centre. The cabin symbolic of the McKay residence. The guided tour is well worth it. It played such an important role in the very early days of western Canada. We had some problems to find this fort. Join the Star Café’s Chef Joel Fitzpatrick on this new and exciting journey in the beautiful Cypress Hills. Typical guardhouse prisoners included men charged with possession of alcohol or assault. The fort has been rebuilt by the RCMP and Parks Canada. Might be dull for small kids. An interpretive staff member giving a tour of the McKay Trading Post. The excellent tour of the grounds conducted by Tracy our guide, was very informative and really allowed us to imagine what went on at the fort in the late 1800s.The presentation and staff at the fort was first class and gets a high rating in my book as one of the "jewels" in the crown of Canada's National Historic Sites.Visit this site if you can to learn about the interesting history of this hidden area of central Canada. At the entrance to Fort Walsh, visitors are greeted by tour guides dressed in period uniforms. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Major James Morrow Walsh, the first Commanding Officer of Fort Walsh. The Canadian government speculated that Walsh’s friendship with the chief was preventing him from completing his objective, and accordingly transferred him to Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, in 1880. We believe that the affair began when my uncle (a man of violent temper) kicked an Indian who was begging near the camp. Here, tour guides, dressed in period garb, perform dialogue between Commissioner Macleod and his wife, and between American Army General Terry and Hunkpapa Sioux chief Sitting Bull. Relaxing comfort food by day paired with more sophisticated offerings and drinks for the adults by night. Fort Walsh is well worth the visit, nestled in the beautiful Cypress Hills country of SW Saskatchewan. The historian who gave our guided tour inside the Fort had a good sense of humour....she went on for an hour and a half!!
At the fort’s entrance, visitors are greeted by tour guides (many of them residents of nearby Maple Creek, Saskatchewan) dressed in period uniforms.

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