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A lot, it turns out. The best short articles and essays, long reads and journalism to read online - examples of interesting nonfiction writing by famous authors tetw Home 150 Great Articles & Essays Best of 2019 100 Great Books By Subject By Author So we thought we’d take a moment, before careening into a new Congress and the next news cycle, to try to draw a frame around the year that was. Falling Into the Belief Gap: What It Feels Like to Realize Your Child’s Teachers Have Sized Him Up and Dumbed Down Their Estimations, 4Fams: Beth Hawkins writes about the hardest lesson she has learned advocating for her two sons. He started with a novel approach that yielded eye-popping information: Using family income data, he created a map showing the depth of poverty on each city block and in every school in the district — a color-coded street guide comprising granular details unheard of in education. #8, 3 Ways to Deal With the Anxiety of a New Situation – Those FFTs of Life (‘Effing First Times), Interview with the Amazing Emmanuel Kelly, Plus the Top Good News of the Week (Ep.#6) – GNN Podcast, The GNN Paperback Book: “And Now, The Good News”. The gatekeepers to those same opportunities saw his autism but not his intellect, steering him away from the same level of academic challenge. Engage with passionate international perspectives from youth. “But to parse those decades of research isn’t to understand on a gut level what it feels like to realize your teachers have sized you up and dumbed down their estimation.”, Inside the National School Walkout: What We Saw at 7 Very Different Marches Against Gun Violence. In response, Martinez launched one of America’s most innovative and data-informed school integration experiments. Also, see how other teachers use Student News Daily and how the site fulfills Common Core standards. School Safety: All year at The 74, senior writer Mark Keierleber has been tracking injuries on school campuses caused by gunfire.

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Now He’s on a Mission to Inspire the Next Generation of Voters Students try to put the words in the correct places, Students complete a table or chart with information from the article. Student Rights: It was just weeks after the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, when school security showed up outside Zach Cassidento’s Connecticut classroom. News articles are rich sources of vocabulary, and also provide good grammar exponents. Those inside UA Wildlife told Eden that after edicts came down to reduce suspensions and weak leadership was put in charge of the once-thriving school, “meaningful consequences for misbehavior were eliminated, alternative approaches failed, and administrators responded to a rising tide of disorder and violence by sweeping the evidence under the rug.” If school leaders had “prioritized student safety over statistics, McCree’s teachers believe, he would still be alive. Meyers Taylor is part of Classroom Champions, a nonprofit that pairs professional athletes with students around the world to scale social-emotional mentoring. Carolyn breaks down the cases waiting in the wings. The 11 Best Education Articles from October: The Search for Missing Students, New Data About COVID Learning Loss and How to Reverse It, History Curriculum as an Election Wedge Issue & More. You can read the complete 74 exclusive here. Eight of his teachers and six of his friends spoke to 74 contributor Max Eden, who has become well known nationally as a critic of restorative justice discipline practices. The students decide which ones are from the article. Bottom line: The print version of the magazine, or a printed-out digital version, offers a nice -- if rather typical -- collection of activities. When it was time for her oldest, Royce, to enter kindergarten principals and teachers rushed to assure her that they would nurture his gifts. But the Price Tag Can be Daunting, This Week’s ESSA News: How States Like West Virginia Can Strengthen Mental Health Supports Even Amid a Pandemic, How Districts Are Bracing for Budget Cuts, Why Arts Education Matters & More, Church, State and Choice: Wednesday Supreme Court Hearing Could Affect Debate on Public Funding of Religious Schools and Inclusion of Gay Students, D.C. Public Schools Cancels In-Person Learning Plans Days Before Start, as Teacher Protests Grow and Staffing Questions Continue, 20 State and Local Ballot Measures That Could Help Shape Education, from Legalizing Marijuana to Allowing Race-Based Admissions, High-Stakes Day for Cleveland: District CEO Warns of Drastic Cuts If $23M Tax Hike Fails, New York Democrats Could Win Big in the State Senate this Fall.

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