reedy creek park fishing

Picnic shelters are available, and universally accessible restrooms are located nea... Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. We had never been here before.

We only have used the dog park at Reedy Creek, and it's pretty good. [3][4] It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. Playgrounds and sports areas. [2], The ruins of the John Robinson Rockhouse, a revolutionary era structure dating from the 1780s, lies deep within Reedy Creek Park, and can be reached by one of the popular trails leading through the nature preserve. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. We will definitely be back here again! Just enjoying the sounds of nature brought us both to a level of peace. We encountered a few people-some who were running the trails, while others were walking with their families. Playground for next to the  Nature Center looked like a treehouse and was so much fun for both kids. Reedy Creek Nature Preserve protects 927 acres of natural, forested habitat within Reedy Creek Park. This review is for the Reedy Creek Park and Nature Center which is located in Reddy Creek Park. I saw a woman whack the ears of a husky with the back of her leash because he was trying to play with her tiny 5 lb dog. It is absolutely family friendly with a beautiful nature preserve center, Panthers theme playground and outdoor camp for kids. Was here for their Edible Plant Hike. I also saw a lot of families fishing. Fun program to bring the kids to as well as for adults to learn about what is edible and what is not when you are out there hiking, in the woods or anywhere there are trees and flora. It's actually a lot bigger than I expected the first time that I visited but I love it because it's so close to the university area and where I live that it's not a long drive and I find myself looking forward to the next time I get to go.

68 reviews of Reedy Creek Park "I fished here with my nephew of seventeen one Saturday and the lake is so serene and peaceful that we both spent quality time together without really speaking a word. We took the green square trail (can't remember the name - dragonfly I think) recommended by the person at the Nature Center desk. Fishing pier ; 9 outdoor picnic shelters ; 1 indoor picnic shelter ; 2 playgrounds ; Dog park; Reedy Creek Nature Center ; 10 miles of hiking trails located in adjacent 727-acre nature preserve (see Reedy Creek Nature Preserve) Soccer field #2 has a properly dimensioned cricket pitch which allows for cricket play. 68 reviews of Reedy Creek Park "I fished here with my nephew of seventeen one Saturday and the lake is so serene and peaceful that we both spent quality time together without really speaking a word. Fish attractors are marked with buoys. There’s a small pier and several bank-side benches. Mine got their shoes wet while netting for minnows. There is a cute "Turtle X-ing" sign, but the little pond had no turtles in sigh, sadly. A nice park w/a lot of trails that kind of intertwine into each other. This park is such a wonderful place to just get away and enjoy nature. The only downfall is that there are black snakes but they are harmless and you can't stop all of  nature. I do recommend this place for everyone who wants to relax in the nature. Not crowded on a Sunday afternoon at all on any of the trails. There are indoor and outdoor picnic facilities, extensive benches, playgrounds, a disc golf course, a dog park, a community garden, several ponds, and a lakeside fishing pier. There are several open fields with and sports fields for any team to use. His dogs will often give you a friendly greeting and the hospitality just continues.

It was about a mile and gravel which I could easily push my stroller with my 2 year old while the 5 year old walked. The park is so big that it is impossible for you to feel crowded or worry that people are paying you any attention. Improved access trails surround the lake. [4], In May 2010 the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department, with over $50,000 in donations from local and state organizations, opened a special children's playground in the Nature Center.

Easy to step on a rock and slide-No texting there are uphill and down hill in these trails.

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