skinny to muscular transformation

As long as you make strength gains in the gym and eat enough, you WILL gain muscle and size.

I do have the wide shoulders (especially after training) associated with a more mesomorphic body type. You’d either want to set it up in a squat rack with safety bars to catch the weight if you drop it … or simply do a dumbbell bench press. And that’s good, I think. Thanks for reading this. And you’ll be surrounded by other skinny guys working towards those same bulking goals. We decided to take our photos clinically: So, first, before we talk about our 4-month bulking transformation, let’s give a little backstory. It’s been really difficult for me and i’ve been trying really hard. E.g. The Skinny Guy's Guide to Building a Hollywood Physique, Muscle Size and Strength Standards for Ectomorphs. I had more than enough reasons to start hitting the weights. Now, some people have very high calf muscle insertions and might not be genetically gifted enough to build their calves noticeably. Oh I just wish that I can go back to track, I lost my hope. I can actually answer your question because I was in the same boat as you. If you’re still not gaining any weight, bump up your daily calories by 200 and retest. Secondly , as with many others posting here I am one of those “bony boys” Im 20 , and an extremely sporty guy, playing soccer for a mens league team once a week , but all throughout childhood I played rugby, soccer, tennis any sport I could really. On the bad side, I realized that wearing “daisy dukes” (cut-off jean shorts) in my progress photos wasn’t an appropriately masculine choice in the eyes of bodybuilders and powerlifters.

All of these ‘skinny to fit‘ transformations, ‘thin to muscular‘ transformations, ‘anorexic to healthy‘ transformations, whatever you wish to call them, all show an equal amount of determination and dedication to a fitness lifestyle. and About Marco, I know he is effective and I can see from what I’ve read and heard about him, he’s got the right things going. Not eating in a calorie surplus (but rather a calorie deficit, which you may not be aware that you’re currently doing) is going to make it more difficult for your body to repair itself and add muscle.

Thoughts? Adding leg training back in will probably be good. Age 20, a little over 6’0 feet tall and weight around 140ish.

Now, the goal of most people who read my website and watch my videos is to build a physique that has a slim waist, thick shoulders and upper back, masculine square chest, well developed arms and athletic looking legs. 2 years later i gained a total of 35 pounds and was around 168, i felt awesome. For that reason, you need to step away from compound lifts and use isolation exercises with lighter weights and higher reps to train your side delts safely and effectively. Well done on achieving great results guys. Shane’s measurements at 6’2 and 150 pounds: Now, keep in mind that I’d already gained twenty pounds. Are you thinking of joining the program? Some guys don’t need a smart plan. We aren’t defying the laws of muscle growth or anything, we were just catching up to the muscularity of the average guy (and then eventually moving beyond, but with normal rates of muscle growth from that point forward).

Well I’m a total ectomorph, weighing 128 pounds(5ft9″)My chest is something like 34-35″.Don’t know shoulder width.
Still can’t get rid of that damn belly. You don’t need to use supplements, no. We see some of our members gain 15-20 in just the first few weeks … but what’s more normal is maybe 10-12 in the first 5 weeks, 5-10 in the next 5 weeks, and then maybe another 5 in the next 5. Once you got these covered, you should also use a few compound exercises that’ll build your proportions up as well, and these are: These 7 exercises are pretty much all you need to create an outstanding physique. You can definitely make those kinds of gains with just dumbbells too, provided they are heavy enough. I have very little fat or muscle except for some fat on my lower stomach. Now, if you want to maximize your results, by gaining hard dense muscle without getting fat and more importantly be held accountable during your transformation journey, then I highly recommend the ShredSmart Program authored by Radu Antoniu. Week 4: Food, protein, creatine, heaver weight, slow low reps, sets of 3. I remember looking at these and thinking that my arms looked insane. Congrats on the ten pounds and doubling of lifting strength — that’s sweet. When Marco and I first spoke, he congratulated us on having gained so much muscle. In reality, it was a muscle regrowth transformation.

These guys have many years of experience and take a lot of drugs to boost recovery and muscle growth. increased our natural testosterone production, the peculiar pros and cons of building bigger legs, ectomorphs can indeed build broader shoulders. A great starting point is 17 calories per pound of body weight. In every muscle-building study, you’ll see “hyper-responders.” These are the guys winging it in the gym and still building muscle, certain that their method is superior because it’s working. I am an IT guy so i don’t find much of a time to go to the gym. I’ll email you info regarding a payment plan . It bothers me a lot. Skinny genes be damned, we were growing out of our skinny jeans. Hi, Im 23 years old. It’s also the story of how Bony to Beastly came to be, and why we’re so passionate about helping other skinny guys bulk up. Keep moving forward. Combined with a good bulking diet, even our mediocre training program was yielding fairly good muscle growth.
I have been doing this for 10-20weeks now I have gained 7 pounds but that is not a lot. Based on the feedback and results we got with our first few thousand members, as well as new research that has since come out, we recently remade the program from the ground up, including shooting over a hundred new tutorial videos with Marco teaching all of the lifts. And a lot of the ones who thought I was the weirdest started coming to me for advice . It’s hard to guess about your chest without seeing it. So can purchase portions or a portion of your program?

The 308 kcal surplus still led to the weight gain expected of 308 kcal extra per day though. Rest 1-2 minutes between sets on isolation exercises. While I’m not sure exactly what that’s sexist, I can definitely say I wish more sexist comments sounded like this one (because it sounds pretty fly)!

I think I know how you feel though. So how can I gain muscles and weight? If you feel full and have not hit your calorie count, drink weight gainer shakes. However, even though I upped my calorie intake, I gained nothing at all for the first 6 weeks.

He’d been living with me while I gained those twenty pounds, so he believed that I could help him do it, too. I tried to eat healthy food,but no protein supplements since Im saving for my study. She apologized and then said “but now you’re going to stop, right? Probably some information worth knowing. Very healthy and very very effective though.). We can help you trim off the fat, and then gain more leanly when you get back to bulking. Most of your weight come from your legs so it’s important to work them out. And that’s awesome . You’re right – a lot of people assume they’re hardgainers when in fact they’re just doing something wrong. Gain 20-40 pounds and people will probably think YOU are 100% mesomorph . Here is the free program for you Click Here. I’d be the first to read that “skinny-fat” article. Jared’s going to send you an email with some options . Ours! feeling sad. Biggest of appreciation I’ve been there, trying to do crunches, calisthenics, martial arts, etc etc to get results and always just winding up incredibly discouraged. I don’t think being naturally skinny is bad or anything – I think we should embrace our body type and learn to absolutely master it – but I was definitely the guy going around saying I liked weighing 130 at 6’2 simply because I thought I was stuck that way and it felt better than admitting that I was frustrated and unable to change. Okay cool, but what about diet? If you do not, it isn’t. Hi Shane, My biggest issue is I’m an extremely picky eater, most foods simply disgust me. The other nice thing about having already gained 20 pounds was that I knew a little bit about how to bulk up. I’m sure you haven’t, right?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You’re already so muscular!”. Adding in some form of exercise sounds like a great idea. Standing calf raise is another effective leg exercise that will help you in training your calves. Take progress photos every 5 weeks (after every phase). The purpose of isolation exercises is to target certain muscle groups that don’t get hit well with your compound lifts. It’s still in testing, and the blog hasn’t launched yet, but over the next couple weeks we’re hoping to get everything up and running. You can easily track your protein intake using MyFitnessPal.

After having an intense leg workout you should also focus on your diet. my goal when i started working out that summer after i graduated was to be 180lbs of solid lean muscle. Obviously eating more nutritious food and less junk food is good, but it’s not like sugar is evil or anything.

I wish I could go back in time and help Skinny Jared and Shane back when we were 17.

I am 6’6 and weigh about 235 pounds. It doesn’t help that all the mainstream diet approaches are geared for weight loss. So that’s fine. Given that info, if I go balls to the wall with this program (I have the time, money, and motivation), what do you think my 6 month potential looks like? 2. When we’re talking body composition (maximizing muscle gain with minimal fat gain) all calories are not created equal.

As a skinny dude I used to be really self conscious about them … and now I really couldn’t care less.

For example, the use of beta alanene can lead to dementia and other brain problems unless supplemented with taurine. I’m sure someone can relate to having a wrist watch become an arm band by simply raising their hand/arm, in as much as I understand you fellas. That’s a good observation Moses! I was terrified of it at first two, and I actually just finished writing an article on that.

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