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but he did. The NASTIEST person I have ever come across in my life. Get a free stock (courtesy of RobinHood) when you join this stock brokerage with FREE stock trading today. C'est dur; J'ai essayé à plusieurs reprises de faire un transfert : impossible. The bank also has 464 more offices in eleven states. This piece of paper doesn’t specify the amount that was just deposited at the time. Do you do check verifications? Mr. Morris EdwardForeign ExchangeInternational Remittance Departmentexist?? Your sincerely Caroline Cheang 5th March 2018, Dear Sir; I was deeply disappointed on City Bank (San Diego branch),My son, he is a customer of your bank, but his account was blockade three weeks.

Dear Sirs,I would like to inform you of this message I received.Is this your bank's official message or is someone using your data for the purpose of fraud?Please ask for your information.With respect!Zagybelow I will send you the following information:NEW MESSAGE FROM CITIBANK NEW YORKUnwanted mailxCITIBANK OF NEW YORK Sep 23 2018 04:40 (11 days ago)  receivesCITIBANK INTERNATIONAL NEW YORKDIRECTOR, FOREIGN OPERATIONS DEPARTMENTADDRESS: 87-11 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst, NY 11373OUR REF: CTBNYUS / BBUFrom Desktop of Mr. Kelvin WilliamsDIRECTOR OF FUNDS CLEARANCE UNIT.E-mail: kevinwilliams39893@aol.comAttention Fund Beneficiary,Payment Release Instruction from the Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkThank you for your anticipated co-operation.TREAT AS URGENT.Mr. Hey I am not a big money balance guy so maybe they don't really care about my accounts. If I wouldn't provide them the transaction's history today, closing date of my house would have to be postponed which means changing rates etc. Its amazing to see how this multi million dollar company (CITIBANK) can just sit back and because of protocol, they can have a customer suffering.

09.12.2019 | Source: Bloomberg, U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized Bitcoin, Facebook's proposed Libra digital coin and other cryptocurrencies and demanded that companies seek a banking charter and make themselves subject to U.S. and global regulations if they wanted to "become a bank." Although her banker offered to help me but I would rather my teller finished it for me . The manager here is an impatient, aggressive man who started treating me badly when I didn't understand him the first time he said something and I'm a pretty bright person. Meanwhile I have no money in the bank, bills have to be paid and food needs to be placed on my dinner table. I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and they also sound like robots reading from a piece of paper saying that all companies have 15 days to respond to the case. !Before I called this branch, I had called citibank online, but they wanted me to call the branch directly!Manager was very rude and impolite and not friendly at all. I spoke with a representative from the Citibank group and was told that my account is unblocked. !Even if there was no way for them to provide me the transactions, she as the BRANCH MANAGER could have explained that for me in a nice way and provided me some solutions. As per the branch (#518) "MANAGER" REINA HERNANDEZ once I came to the branch to get an explanation why couldn’t she just open the ATM and withdraw our money that was in LIMBO and we need ASAP to cover out due bills, she was the most UNPROFESSINAL BRANCH "MANAGER" we have ever dealt with. Please do not leave any personal or personally identifiable information here: Citibank: 120 Broadway Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Naperville Branch - Naperville, IL, Citibank: One Broadway Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Amityville Branch - Amityville, NY, Citibank: Jacksonville Branch - Jacksonville, FL, Citibank: Silver Spring North Branch - Silver Spring, MD, Citibank: Reseda West Branch - Reseda, CA, Citibank: Cedarhurst Branch - Cedarhurst, NY, Citibank: Third Avenue-72nd Street Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: 388 Greenwich St Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Fresh Meadows Branch - Fresh Meadows, NY, Citibank: 111 Wall Street Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Santa Ana-North Main - Santa Ana, CA, Citibank: New Canaan Branch - New Canaan, CT, Citibank: Citicorp Center Branch - Chicago, IL, Citibank: Mid Island Branch - Staten Island, NY, Citibank: Long Beach - Belmont Shore Branch - Long Beach, CA, Citibank: Madison Avenue-42nd Street Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: 399 Park Avenue Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Irvine Alton Parkway - Irvine, CA, Citibank: Ft Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale, FL, Citibank: Third Avenue-46th Street Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Santa Monica-Downtown - Santa Monica, CA, Citibank: Long Beach-Bixby Knolls - Long Beach, CA, Citibank: Okeechobee Branch - West Palm Beach, FL, Citibank: New Castle Branch - New Castle, DE, Citibank: Los Angeles-Rancho Park Pico Branch - Los Angeles, CA, Citibank: Stuyvesant Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Fremont Warm Springs Branch - Fremont, CA, Citibank: Korea Town Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: 1801 Van Ness Avenue Branch - San Francisco, CA, Citibank: Sunnyvale Branch - Sunnyvale, CA, Citibank: La Jolla-Golden Triangle - La Jolla, CA, Citibank: Yonkers Financial Center Branch - Yonkers, NY, Citibank: Sunny Isles Branch - North Miami Beach, FL, Citibank: East 47th Street Branch - Chicago, IL, Citibank: Park Ridge Branch - Park Ridge, NJ, Citibank: Stapleton Branch - Staten Island, NY, Citibank: London Square Branch - Miami, FL, Citibank: West Village Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Cathedral Hill - San Francisco, CA, Citibank: Thousand Oaks-Moorpark Branch - Thousand Oaks, CA, Citibank: Aventura Town Center Branch - Aventura, FL, Citibank: Rockville Centre Branch - Rockville Centre, NY, Citibank: Burlington Financial Center Branch - Burlington, MA, Citibank: Bakersfield-Oswell Branch - Bakersfield, CA, Citibank: Little Italy-Chicago - Chicago, IL, Citibank: 4017 Macarthur Blvd Branch - Oakland, CA, Citibank: Alhambra Branch - Coral Gables, FL, Citibank: Greenburgh Branch - White Plains, NY, Citibank: 3rd & 58th Branch - New York, NY, Citibank: Bridgeport Branch - Chicago, IL, Citibank: San Diego-Pacific Beach - San Diego, CA. branch manager is rude personal banker daniel has no knowledge in customer relations or dealing with asociates, this is the worst call system EVER - cannot reach a live person at the branch. This woman didn’t lift a pen to help instead made threats, claimed this happens all the time at this branch (#518) and she smiled to me and my family as she walked away. They are very helpful & professional, the guy was helping me to get the year summary of credit cards in 2min, & also when he noticed I was so disappointed with costomer service at BOA,he helped me with that too,all last than's not my first time, every time I go there & need help,he's the fastest & has best costomer service! I would like to thank the Remittance Director Tommy Bryant for his recent help in solving a problem. Checks coming from this location are fraudulent. Need to know where is my US$1,250 soonest. Few weeks later I had my credit card payment bounced due to my Citi account being closed. View hours, phone numbers, reviews, routing numbers, and other info.

His customer (she)used language to bully me just because I wanted my teller to check whether my son has cashed my $10 check or not but it took time to do it. I must transfer his money to Switzerland. The Naperville branch is great. I left without opening an IRA. Svp, je me permets de vous relancer ma demande d'hier portant sur la restitution de ma carte de banque capturée par une agence de la société générale de banque du Sénégal (sgbs) qui me fait comprendre qu'il faut l'accord de votre banque pour me restituer ma carte. what is the routing # for direct deposit? So who should i email to?? but he did.

I am still/still waiting for your reply on 4/21/17 399 park ave-hours for safe deposit visit/pls answer now/tks, I am waiting for your reply on 4/21/ 399 park ave - hours open for safe deposit visit/pls answer/tks, at 399 park ave - hours open for safe deposit visit/pls answer/tks, Good morning my experience was very uncomfortable and somewhat insulting. They wanted to give me a tel number for a back office operation. They are very condescending when they approach you to "help" you. I have been waiting for a phone call from CITIBANKS executive escalation team with an update on this investigation and the only person that can give me an update is out of the office. I went to Citibank Okeechobee branch and I noticed that almost everybody speak SPANISH !!!! How he can afford his daily life in San Diego? He went to the City Bank (San Diego branch) many times, but no one can tell him how and how long he can open his account and get back his money. Eric was the same. Im checking my CDs and IRAS now and plan on going to another bank. We've been trying to get signatories on account changed for several months. Very unprofessional to hear loud laughing amobg employees in front of customers. It is better than many banks. Even though Frumencio sat me in his office, he never got off the phone, established eye contact with me, or greeted me. You can also scroll down the page for a full list of all Citibank New York branch locations with addresses, hours, and phone numbers information. Dear Sir; I was deeply disappointed on City Bank (San Diego branch 8813 Villa la jolla),My son he is a customer of your bank, but his account was blockade three weeks.

Moving my business to another bank. We have yet to cover our pass due bills no one is willing to help. (Free stock with this link only).

I knew that official bank statement will be ready by end of this month, but I had to provide an official letter to mortgage company today as my house closing is next Monday. I visited once before lock down.

Very unprofessional from Manager to teller. First there was the financial crisis of 2008. Email us at if you are interested in learning more about how to build wealth.

When she didn't deposit money into the account I asked her to, she THEN told me she was going to transfer it but she started doing something else first. We have moved locations from Saudi Arabia to Jordan, could you please let us know what will be needed by you to make changes in your record.We need also to make an on line contact with you , it would be appreciated that you assign an accYour cooperation would be greatly appreciated.Sameer Ayouby Amman, Jordan. I provided her with the information requested and was told by corporate that the issue is resolved and the account will not be closed. unbelievable!

The bank also has 464 more offices in eleven states. No one seems to care.

Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). One of the older teller is nice and he seemed to be kind, other employees needed to be trained on customer service skills, no greeting and doesn't smile. Service is always terrible. The only debit + credit card that matches your political donations. Not sure where she found that phone number from. Seemed no too happy to work ay Citibank.Second problem is this branch has too msny not working customer service and managements. and the Routine No.

good day trying to reach the bank from last week it is so difficult to get in touch I tried at least 50 times please ask someone responsible to call on this no 17215432129 10 to 5 please ASAP. Name Citibank Address 175 Water Street, New York, New York, 10038 Phone 800-627-3999 Hours

The guys building your business up there are overheated, working with tools, and you have not turned on the air!

Manager was rude.

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