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This film was one of only four in Mexico to receive a “D” rating—which is reserved for subject matter that is considered extremely disturbing and/or pornographic. | Carlos Velo You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. 40 min 88 min Anybody who does not believe in them will end up dead. Chano Urueta Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds - and remembers. María Duval,

A faceless killer who hunts women can only be stopped by a detective with a disturbing past.

Fátima Molina, In an isolated Oregon town, a middle-school teacher and her sheriff brother become embroiled with her enigmatic student, whose dark secrets lead to terrifying encounters with a legendary ancestral creature who came before them. This was a relatively dormant period for Mexican scare fare. Director: As he dies, the Baron swears ... See full summary », Director: Ona Casamiquela, Votes: When the words horror and Mexico are uttered in the same sentence, the name that inevitably follows in conversation is Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. This was originally filmed in English and then dubbed into Spanish for Mexican audiences. Along the way, she murders the Mother Superior and rapes a young boy. The striking sci-fi horror flick unfolds in a small town where a couple hosts a Cthulhu-like being that yearns for interspecies sex with humans. And we all know that black cats mean bad luck…. That’s why films made in Mexico by Mexican directors are the brightest of the genre.

Working out of Coral Gables, Florida, Murray oversaw the rewriting and overdubbing of all his imports at a tiny studio called Soundlab Inc., which was, in fact, one of the first facilities in the U.S. to focus effectively on reworking foreign films for English-speaking audiences. Gothams Nominate Five Female-Directed Films for Best Feature for the First Time. Or is there a satanic force at work? Christa Linder, 93 min | Back in the day, not so long ago, actually, when I was blogging for CHEESE MAGNET (most of which, by the way, is still available on-line if you’d care to check it out) one of my semi-regular category of posts was something I called “Fun With My Ipod” wherein I discussed some music I particularly enjoy and wanted to share. Manuel Ojeda, Marisa Paredes, Rubén Galindo Jr. Crime, Drama, Fantasy. The real life Mexican folk legend of "La Llorona" (The Crying Woman) supplied the basis for multiple Mexican-made movies, none more polished and effective than The Curse of the Crying Woman (1961).

He feels young and vibrant again. It definitely wasn’t the “drama-free zone” the CMA had in mind. Abel Salazar,

María Pura, Federico Luppi, The Mexican horror film is definitely an under-served genre when it comes to availability in the U.S. market. | | Servando González | “, The inmates literally take over an asylum, locking the doctors and staff into their own padded cells, and a French writer is sent to investigate—and things get rougher from there.

Juan Ramón López, Carlos Ancira, 91 min Only in Mexican horror movies will you see a woman wrestle a mummy who then turns into a bat. After the death of her parents, a young girl arrives at a convent and brings a sinister presence with her. The film’s effectiveness rests on Macedo’s performance and grotesque makeup. |

Stars: Fernando Méndez Mystery, Thriller, Horror. Stars: Drama, Horror.

| Abel Salazar (he starred in and produced this and several others discussed below) plays an amiable doctor called upon to treat an ailing older women who, alas, has already succumbed before he arrives at her isolated country hacienda. The unexpected arrival or a vagrant turns the peaceful vacation into a nightmare of horror and human passion. | Rafael Baledón Fantasy, Horror, Mystery. Ron Perlman, Jeremy T. Thomas, Robert Rodriguez Mexican Horror (32) Blood (26) Female Nudity (22) Revenge (21) Vampire (18) Independent Film (16) Monster (15) Ghost (14) Violence (14) Witch (13) Death (12) Supernatural Power (12) Fear (11) Nudity (11) Possession (11) Wrestler (11) Doctor (10) Satanism (10) 1960s (9) Coffin (9) Corpse (9) Cult Film (9) Folk Horror (9) Gore (9) Grindhouse Film (9) Investigation (9) Kidnapping (9) La Llorona (9) An old priest tells them the legend of a monk who seduced his friend’s wife but died a horrible death and continues to haunt the monastery. Many of these movies are hard to impossible to find subtitled (my preferred format) or even dubbed, which I usually find more problematical than subtitling. An overly melodramatic love triangle goos things up a bit, but this is still an entertaining ride. The film is also thought to be the first in which the vampire is shown with long fangs. Horror. Ryan Stockstad Terror Trap called The Man and the Monster (El hombre y el monstruo) a “flavorful, monster-tinged chimichanga.”. | A woman who is about to die calls the town's priest and hands him a scapulary, saying that she knows of its great powers. Director: Martha Higareda, López Moctezuma crafts multiple moments that are certain to remain ingrained in the audience’s psyche, including the scene in which a woman is stabbed to death inside a church as a priest reads to a sinful orgy that ends in carnage. This film, which delivers more weirdness than chills, is available subtitled on Ebay, pricey to ridiculous. Julio Alemán, Take for instance the movies starring wrestling icon El Santo, a Luchador enmascarado who fought mummies, werewolves, vampires, and other unworldly foes onscreen until the 1980s. According to The Bloody Pit of Horror, “this has much higher schlock quotient [than most Mexican horror films] with its bats-on-strings, human-head-transposed-over-a-bat-body, putty-faced creatures and sometimes hammy acting, but it’s also inventive, original, amusing, creepy, kooky, fast-paced and incredibly entertaining.”. Patricia Conde, | $0.86M, Approved A young woman realizes to her terror that the doctor is trying to marry her to his dead son’s spirit. | An abusive and cheating husband kills his wife so that he can be with his mistress. Gastón Santos, Chano Urueta | $0.62M, Not Rated Along with Texas native Robert Rodriguez, whose From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) ignited a new fascination with Aztec mythology and blood rituals, Guillermo del Toro is serving to keep Mexican horror cinema alive. This film is a western/horror hybrid that was ultimately disappointing in that (spoilers) it turned out to be a Scooby Doo movie. Stars: 110 min Here’s the first. Not that there weren’t Mexican horror films prior to this, but The Vampire did unarguably start a boom that popularized the genre. Comedy, Crime, Horror. Following in the footsteps of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, director Fernando Méndez and writer Ramón Obón transported the classic bloodsucking figure to rural Mexico, more specifically the fictional Sicomoros hacienda, giving the country its first vampire movie. Stars: The police officer Martin Ugalde is called to investigate a series of kidnappings in Mexico City of kids between 6 and 9 years old. Horror, Millionaire playboy Hugo (whose lack of facial expressions give him the appearance of a Thundercat marionette) flies around Acapulco in his private helicopter to pick up sexy young women. Miller’s latest publication is: “An Annotated Long Night at the Palmer House.” Next up: Death Draws Five (Tor, November 2021). 19 1950’s SF Movies To Help Get You Through the Next Few Weeks It is also noteworthy for being directed by Fernando Méndez, who, the following year, redefined the possibilities of Mexican horror films with his landmark masterwork El vampiro (1957). Documentary, A documentary on Mexican cult cinema from the 1960s through to the 1990s featuring the classic b&w monster movies such as The Brainiac (1962), masked wrestling hero Santo and the more avant... See full summary », Directors: Enrique del Campo, Director: Meanwhile, back in Mexico, director René Cardona had covered nearly every genre imaginable as a writer, director, and actor. Is it her enigmatic imaginary friend, Alucarda, who is to blame? Horror, Mystery, Thriller. In addition to being his only creation to date set in his native Mexico, it also gave birth to two of the director’s long-lasting collaborations — with Argentine actor Federico Luppi and American thespian Ron Perlman. | Discover, rate and save the scariest Mexican movies right here, right now. Jon Michael Bischof, Sergio Bustamante, Murray acquired nearly seventy Mexican films, with many different genres among the mix and about thirty horror films, and distributed them in the United States. Verónica (Simone Bucio), a young local, is brought into the fold, and soon takes on the role of partner provider for the visitor until the intergalactic coitus becomes dangerous. Rosita Arenas, | | Action, Horror, Mystery, Director: The following films are grouped chronologically rather than by quality. But she soon discovers that the entire town may be infested with vampires. Stars:

Murray's love of exploitation films and sensational subjects proved a perfect formula for selling his Mexican horror acquisitions. Although she seems loving at first, she takes a dark and possibly Satanic turn after the oldest child rejects her. Back in 2014, a subpar, homegrown remake was released, more firmly cementing the great fear-inducing quality of the original. Mexico’s first nominated submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars is laden in the mysticism of the Day of the Death tradition. Stars: | Graverobbers find a vampire’s coffin (ataúd del vampiro), which turns them into zombies whose only mission is to kidnap beautiful women for the vampire’s pleasure. The main characters from The Vampire reprise their roles, including protagonist Abel Salazar and German Robles as the good Count, in this direct sequel to. | The Highs, Lows, and …Ohs of the 2020 CMA Awards. Murray acquired and distributed an estimated sixty-six motion pictures in the United States, including fairy-tale fantasies, adult films, and approximately thirty horror imports, almost all of which came from Mexico.

| Known across Latin America in multiple incarnations, the legendary La Llorona, a woman who purportedly murdered her children and whose ghostly image roams the streets wailing for them, is at the center of Rafael Baledón’s terrifying repurposing of the tale. Verónica Merchant, 71 min When South America killer bees, corporately smuggled into the United States, mutates into intelligent insects and attacks helpless people, young scientist work desperately to end the threat as the menace swarms in on the city areas.

In what is perhaps the first fusion of Mexican horror and wrestling, an evil scientist responsible for a string of murders captures a masked wrestler and replaces his brain with that of a gorilla—then sends the vicious creature into the ring. Gabriela Hassel, Director: | Cannes-winning provocateur Amat Escalante has gained international prominence for his unflinching art-house depictions of Mexico’s barbaric recent past, so discovering that his most recent release involves an extraterrestrial creature, whose tentacles are the gateway into unknown physical ecstasy, was nothing if not surprising.

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