wholesale timber prices

You can get to it here, * Pricing reflects data collected from Northwest Georgia, East Tennessee, and Western West Virginia.

The Timber Pricing List provided by the NHTOA will have low and high value amount for all the major product categories. Timber Update exists to give landowners access to timber companies that compete for your business. How Does a Soaring Lumber Market Impact Timber Prices. Interactive Business Intelligence Platform, Weekly transaction-based southern yellow pine lumber prices, Providing insight into the southern yellow pine lumber market. Prices can vary significantly between the northern and southern sections of the state. After all our goal is to provide “Peace of Mind Forest Management” from start to finish.

Competition – Ultimately, timber markets are driven by competition. The assessment could go above or below the amounts, and values can change significantly form one quarter to the next – based upon market demand.

With hundreds of accurate market performance indicators in every issue, the Weekly Lumber Price Report contains volume weighted average prices by grade and length (including MSR & mixed loads) for dimensioned lumber, decking and timbers, as well as price and volume changes from the previous week and market price variation during the week. From start to finish we will make sure the whole process goes smoothly and without any problems that will cause you stress.

So, if you’re in the market for a reliable partner to buy timber at wholesale prices, you’ve come to the right place. Timber Update helps landowners by connected them with local timber pros, education and by updating landowners on market conditions. If mills need wood, prices go up. The further they have to travel, the more gas they will use and the higher their costs will be. Every quarter, the NHTOA (New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association) puts forth a statewide survey to various mills, loggers, foresters and timber purchasers found throughout the sate. Visit our Get Connected page, complete the form, and you will be connected with leading timber companies in your area. Standing timber prices vary depending on different factors involved. The trees on your timber land have a certain value. Pre - harvest estimate was on target. Explore Forest2Market's Interactive Business Intelligence Platform. Saw Log NOTES: ALL SAW LOGS REQUIRE 6″ TRIM. Ultimately, your trees are worth what someone is willing to pay and also depend on market conditions. They are dependent upon but not limited to : size and quality of the trees, the size of the woodlot, ease of access and quality of terrain It will also depend on what area of the state you would be harvesting timber from.

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