heir of space

The Mage of Heart is pretty likely to get manipulated in general by people who play on their sympathies. Which I imagine would be taking control over the area around their enemies and having complete control over it. Being in a kismesis with someone emotionally manipulative, like a Witch of Heart, would make for a very unhealthy relationship. But the denizen decided that they were not only terribly impractical, but the consorts themselves had become too whimsical and needed to be tied down. It’s also likely that they make new projects whenever they can and spend hours upon hours on their work because of how meticulous and picky they are with details. A Prince of Time would be able to use this in an extremely powerful way for offense, but I see the Bard of Time using this ability in a more passive way. If one provoked this Prince enough, they wouldn’t think it through; they’d be so angry that they’d attack almost immediately.

At first, the Heir of Space unconsciously using their growing/shrinking, teleporting self and objects, shape-shifting, and density shifting will be more confusing to enemies than anything, and the Heir won’t have much idea what they’re doing, instead just letting stuff fly around them and going “Oh, okay.

On the other hand, we’ve only seem a cane for Mind players. For the Prince, maybe this would mean not tampering with their own memories, instead acknowledging their mistakes. We don’t know much about the strife specibi of Blood players apart from sickles. The use of emotions for destructive purposes could also involve gradually stirring up a crowd with their abilities until everyone is full of furious passion and a fight breaks out, turning the enemies against each other. They might upcycle things again and again, still believing that they can use it for another purpose or creation. They might have a journal full of all their discoveries, along with creative– if sometimes unreasonable– theories about what these discoveries mean. level 2 thanks for nothing andrew But in a smaller way, the Heir of Space could ‘become’ the Genesis Frog by having a large avatar of the Frog appear around them as a sort of protective shield. On the flip side, they might be completely narcissistic and absorbed in only their own feelings, completely consumed by themself.

Thanks for reading! -cracks knuckles- Alright, here we go. Matesprit: Sylph of Heart. Seeing as this Prince would also be fairly narcissistic, they would need to learn to work as a team player and keep their fellow players in mind so that the Prince wouldn’t end up accidentally hurting them in some way whenever they use their incredible destructive powers. Overall a very useful and interesting title. A Bard of Time would start off acting like a Space player. I also talked about how they might freeze everything in a timeless bubble.

At first it might just be their arm or face warping out of shape in order to get out of the way of something, like this example from the webcomic Paranatural: But just as they will with their other abilities, the Heir of Space will eventually harness this ability in a conscious way and be able to twist themself out of harm’s way.

Space also relates to femininity, so they could be the type to wear makeup and fashionable clothing, regardless of their gender. The Heir of Space is someone who starts out passively embodying their aspect and having an abundance of it, often without realizing it. Now, personality wise, I would say the Heir Of Space is likely going to be someone naturally creative, creative since the day they’re born. Something to remember is that Space doesn’t seem to be solely matter. As for a land for the Prince of Mind, I suggest the Land of Tempests and Railroads (LOTAR). They’re probably the type who lies awake at night in a loop: They think about something horrible or embarrassing they did in the past, then they tell themself, “Shut up! The Prince destroys Time in their life and probably has some degree of dislike towards it, as we see with Dirk’s hatred of his ‘splinters.’ So in terms of literal Time, they might be the type to hate clocks. Because of the cloud factories, the land is starting to flood. They might do these things on purpose, or it could be an accident, like if they tried to laser-focus on destroying specific parts of a timeline but they end up destroying too much and dooming it completely. Super nonthreatening…that is, until they go through a sudden change. Imagine: Soul rot, in which someone’s passions, emotions, and sense of self are gradually withered away until all that is left is a cold, unfeeling shell. They could complete this quest in a variety of ways: They could strategically destroy the network of trains in order to prevent production of clouds. LOBAC is a lovely marsh world with lots of tall blue grass, flowing rivers, and…giant hamster balls flying around? With the Heir of Space you get an abundance of creativity. In the process, this Mage will learn to understand themself and their emotions and bias. I sometimes do personalities but not often.

As the Mage of Heart progresses, they learn from their experiences with their aspect and apply it to their life as well as the lives of others.

This is happening. The consorts each tend to their own grove of cacti and care for them in a unique way, resulting in cacti that all look very unique. Flowers? Essentially making a pocket dimension made of themselves. So we want someone in this quadrant who helps create gradual growth. Furthermore, the Heir of Space allows manipulation through Space, which includes what I call a ‘gene scramble.’ This Heir’s powers encompass a lot of science-y stuff, considering physics (ex.

What's your take on the Heir of Space? The Bard eventually creates a sort of balance by destroying their aspect, intuitively learning “how much is too much?” They have learned when to lay back and when to act. density shifting) and chemistry (ex. Thanks for reading! And then we get to how the Prince destroys Mind itself. Mind also represents blending in with the crowd, so this Bard might just absorb the mannerisms of other people in order to look like the others, without really having a passion for anything on the inside. They need to learn to appreciate Mind.

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